You can do it! Free audio about how you are capable of performing miracles, a poem and a book

Posted by Louisa Mills
8 May, 2013

What has inspired you this week? I have been thinking more about the theme of this month’s issue of the Cygnus Review – about the turning of the seasons in our minds, bodies and spirits. Just this last couple of years I’ve experienced countless revolutions, I expect you have too. Like the heron that finds peace in the water and the air and on the earth, we adapt to the changes, don’t we?

Did you read the beautiful poem that a Cygnus member wrote, called The Ancestor’s Brother? It’s a touching story of two brothers who were created at the same moment – a boy and a tree and the turning seasons. Here’s the link to this month’s Chat Page again, you’ll find it on there. Cygnus were so disappointed that they couldn’t fit the Chat Page into the magazine this time; I’m sure they would be reassured to read your views online.


While the seasons spin around us, come what may, there is nothing more persistent than what we have at our core. We have a stronger integrity than we sometimes comprehend. So it doesn’t matter what changes we have to face in life – even if the wheel goes around and around so much that it sometimes makes us feel dizzy, it can’t separate us from the core of our beings because that is what is what makes the axis of every rotation! Glowing inside us, safe and strong at the warmth of our core, is our ultimate truth – our Higher Selves. This is how we are able to make it through even the darkest times – because the loving light of who we truly are radiates relentlessly. Each time the wheel goes around full circle, this warm luminosity takes us through the cold winter to come out into the light of spring with our faith further reinforced. Each time we learn better how to adapt. Maybe that is why we face hard times over again – to strengthen our integrity and our belief in our Higher Selves, more and more until the portal is wide open and the light of our core beaming forth to fully illuminate the pathway to our soul’s potential. I was literally just contemplating this as I flicked through the pages of the Cygnus Review, when suddenly my focus came to settle on a book that I’ve not yet read.


Your gene keys

I just knew right away that Gene Keys, by Richard Rudd, has an important message and so I quickly searched the internet to find out more. I came across this audio introduction which I found completely compelling.

I have to admit I’m surprised because, as a bit of a wild child, I’ve always been repelled by any whisper of science, codes or biology. Yet here I am, enticed by talk of genetic patterns so enchantingly explained by Richard Rudd who is almost poetic about the individual code we each have within our DNA – one that spells out the core of our being. You can see how this fits what has been on my mind. These following words, in particular, are part of the reason I ordered a copy right away! If you want a copy too, you should know that Cygnus Books are selling it at a 10% discount this week only (up until midnight 15/04/13).

‘Did you know that you’re capable of performing miracles? Your DNA knows the truth of that statement. It’s recorded in there. It’s a memory. You know you’re capable of performing miracles. You just have to release that. Did you know that there’s a radiance inside you that, once it’s lit, it will never go out? Your light, your natural light, your emanation is limitless.’

So whether you’re in the water, air or on dry land, springtime is with us and there’s a calling to let our Higher Selves grow up and out into the open! Here’s a Led Zeppelin ballad to ease you out into the open.

One love,

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