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Your Cygnus Review – July Issue Now Out!

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Sure enough, Cygnus Books have provided us with another issue of encouragement and guidance. I am so grateful that, shoulder to shoulder, we are supporting Cygnus through the financial difficulties book clubs are facing at this time. […]

Hugs and Compassion

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Cygnus readers will not be surprised to read that hugs are good for us. In fact we hope that this magazine is a kind of a hug – a friendly presence held in your hands. […]

Just Give Me a Minute

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Ingrid told me she has a hectic life, is uncomfortable, and knows she’s probably damaging her health, yet she keeps going because she ‘owes it to other people’ – though she knows she often shortchanges […]

Attitudinal Healing

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Is there another way of looking at the world that changes our experience of life? Is it possible to choose to let go of fear and conflict completely? Is it possible to heal our painful […]

The Ground of Truth

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

We all know how the media tend to focus on bad news. If we are lucky there might be a small item at the end of a news programme that is lighter or amusing. Many […]

News from Cygnus

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, In order to get well, I’ve been learning a lot about what I do want and what I don’t want, and I’ve really noticed how very much my energy levels improve, and pain […]

Chat Page: July Issue 2013

26 June, 2013 Vicky 0

Thank you Cygnus Review The Cygnus Review is a trusty friend With comfort and advice you can depend A like minded soul, to lean upon Offering support, to keep me strong. A monthly arrangement to […]

Special Solstice celebration

20 June, 2013 Vicky 0

What a special weekend we have coming up – with Summer Solstice this Friday followed by this year’s largest and closest Supermoon on Sunday. I have to admit I’d never actually heard of a ‘Supermoon’ […]

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