Book Circle Discussion: Teach Only Love by Gerald G Jampolsky

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    26 June, 2013

    Cygnus Review

    This new expanded version of the original bestseller opens with a disarmingly honest account of the author’s own journey of the spirit, as God gently taught this depressed doctor the wisdom of the words ‘Physician; heal thyself.’ Gerald goes on to pay a debt of gratitude to the classic A Course In Miracles [Code: 090847], for the pivotal role that book played in his own enlightenment. Those who have loved that particular classic will find Dr. Jampolsky’s book a real blessing too, as he takes the principle messages from the Course, and very clearly shows us how to live them. This book is simply written with deep and gentle compassion, and a complete lack of the cartoons, bullet points and bold subheadings which we’ve come to associate with many modern books of this type. It just doesn’t need them. The Love emanates almost tangibly from the pages, and all you need to do is read and soak it in. [Buy]

    Book Circle Discussion



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