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Chat Page: July Issue 2013
Sean Gallagher

Thank you Cygnus Review

The Cygnus Review is a trusty friend
With comfort and advice you can depend
A like minded soul, to lean upon
Offering support, to keep me strong.
A monthly arrangement to meet over coffee
With holistic news and latest therapy
An act of kindness should be passed on
An exchange of energy for work well done
With readers support and appreciation
The least we can do is make a donation
We all gain something from theses words on the page
So let us contribute towards your wage
I Thank the Cygnus Review for all your hard work and dedication
In providing a magazine to nourish and enlighten
A trusty friend you truly are
May your light continue to shine wide and far

Elizabeth Ball


Our eyes wide open

Our eyes wide open
Our hearts full of love
To the beauty before us
we are connected above
There’s no turning back
On this path we now walk
It’s onward and upwards living our talk
The strength is there it can be found
Iwe trust in ourselves
And the silence around.
We all have a gift and a lesson to learn
By meeting each other
Through love and concern.
May your path be smooth
May you find your way
May you always remember with love this day

Elizabeth Ball


One day at a Time

One day at a time Lord Jesus
That all I’m asking of you,
Give me the strength to do everything
That I have to do
Yesterday’s’ gone – Sweet Jesus
Tomorrow may never be mine
Lord help me today – show me the way
One Day at a time

These are the words of the song that my Aunt Margaret used to played every morning – Bless her and all of us.
Today it is my song, my mantra, my knowing, my wisdom, my wealth, my health, happiness, joy, bliss and peace.  No matter what – its all the same – One day at a time – sweet Jesus Thats all I’m asking of you.

Now I live my holistic life, coming from this God like space ie. – being 100% present in the Now One day at a time.

How did this come about?  It just happened – One day at a time!!
Its this God like space which is the same as being 100% present that makes my “One day at a time” so very precious, wonderful and fulfilled in Om

By Gloria the Glow Worm


Moving Meditation

Instinct. Don’t think
Drop the plumb line to your gut, get the feeling
What’s the decision you reel in

On this bright jewel morning
The line’s not lead but golden
Connecting me to heaven and earth star
Celestial and terrestrial

Today I am gloriously here
In the crystal now
Heart is the crossroads where
The Universe waits to greet us
Whatever lives we have lived, or await us
The sound of fearless birdsong
Anchors us joyfully to this life

Fiona Theokritoff


Wild Swans Flying

I watched through the screen of my eyes
two swans flying
their long necks outstretched in effortless flight
blessing the skies with
their delicate white beauty

How easy it seems to leave this world behind
when the wild swans come calling
and all you need to do is embrace their slow ascent to heaven
and lose yourself in their silent innocence.

© 2013 Janet Robinson (all rights reserved)



Dear All,

I would like to share an experience with you I had at the funeral of a cousin, a few months ago

When it came for the coffin to go behind the curtain, something inspired me to look up and there descending from the roof came a small golden globe, it approached the coffin and then I saw it start to ascend again this time accompanied by another bigger globe, both ascended into the roof of the church and just disappeared.

This was a truly wonderful experience , looking over the congregation everyone else had their heads bowed so no one else witnessed this.

The smaller globe I feel was a young brother of my cousin who died many years ago aged 12 years, his name being Arthur  coming to help his brother pass over.

Arthur often visits me, always very polite and smiling, he stays a short while then he’s gone again, I never knew him in life, but am grateful he honours me with his presence now.


Ann Bell

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