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    Posted by Cygnus Team
    26 June, 2013

    Dear Friends,

    In order to get well, I’ve been learning a lot about what I do want and what I don’t want, and I’ve really noticed how very much my energy levels improve, and pain levels go down, when I’m doing what I want, what makes me feel great.

    So, as Cygnus took up 60 or 70 hours of the average week before I got ill, there were a lot of normal things that people do, that I didn’t have as much time for as I would have liked. Things that involved being physically active like cleaning, decorating, gardening, tidying, walking, holidays, making music. But when therapists used to tell me I should find out what I want, I used to think – I can’t possibly deeply want such mundane things. Deep down I must want something meaningful like being able to write a book (have you noticed how everyone tells you you should write a book?), or contributing to the soul growth of my brothers and sisters in some even more profound way than Cygnus, or something personal but still dramatic, like travelling to distant lands (with warmer climates!). But none of those things really resonated with me, although I tried some of them out and they still didn’t set me on fire.

    But…. as you know I have been doing a sound therapy that replaces the sound frequencies that are missing in your voice. Elaine Thompson, who does this treatment, told me that it would help me to get in touch with what I really want. It did, too, in an unmistakable way. Also as you will see in Penney Peirce’s feature on p. 4, the best way of knowing what you want and receiving all kinds of other healing awarenesses, is to get out of your left brain and into your right, so that you feel what you need to know. I’ve really worked on this too recently.

    Hawthorn Holiday Retreats

    And the result is that now, at long last, I know what I want! And Geoff feels the same way. I want to work much less for Cygnus, but I do want Cygnus to continue to flourish and grow spiritually alongside you all. I am happy to write for you and to choose the books I think you will like, and to give our son Sam a little bit of help with creating the magazine, but nowadays I have help with accounting, review writing and personnel, so there really isn’t anything like as much work for me to do as formerly.

    But what I deeply want now is a new way of earning a living that will allow me to do all those mundane things I really love, whilst still providing a spiritual service for people. So Geoff and I are starting a new business alongside Cygnus: Hawthorn Holiday Retreats, which will provide holiday venues specially for people with spiritual inclinations, a great love of nature and peace, and when we have more money to achieve it, an interest in a permaculture/off-grid lifestyle.

    We’ve just spent a wonderful month preparing our caravan on the North Pembrokeshire coast for use as a holiday retreat. It’s in an incredibly lovely spot with its own little garden and hawthorn tree, and for many years has provided us with a quiet, cosy place to select books and gain inspiration for things we have written for you. We’ve also asked the nature spirits for their protection of the space, and a sacred, nurturing atmosphere there is palpable. It has always given us such joy and restoration, and now we are really happy to be sharing it with others.

    We’d like your opinions

    Now just to keep you informed of how things are going at Cygnus: Thanks to your help, we just managed to scrape through May financially. We are so thrilled about that, since May is always a tough month, because of the two bank holidays. We’ve still a way to go though, so if any more of you want to become Cygnus Supporters (see order form), we’d be incredibly grateful. You’ll notice that we’ve put a cover price on the magazine too, to encourage people to appreciate its value. We’d love to know your opinion about this.

    We’d also love to know what Cygnus means to you and what it does for you. We believe we’re far more than just booksellers, but we’d like to know what you think. This will help us to know what to put on our promotional material, and on the homepage of our new website, which we’re still working on by the way.

    We’ve received quite a few contributions for our fundraising book of affirmations to help us all receive the love of the universe and be aware of how very much we are loved and loveable. But we’d still like a lot more. So do, please, write in with your ideas and any phrases that are particularly helpful to you personally.

    With so much love and thanks for your presence in our lives,

    Ann, Geoff, John, Sam and the Cygnus Team

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