The Ground of Truth

Posted by Jehanne Mehta
26 June, 2013

We all know how the media tend to focus on bad news. If we are lucky there might be a small item at the end of a news programme that is lighter or amusing. Many of us may simply turn off the radio or TV, or refuse to read the newspapers because the bad news is depressing and affects our mood and capacity to cope with life. And yet we do want to know what is happening in the world. Since the advent of the internet the world has shrunk and we do feel we are part of the whole and need to be informed. The news, however, can be a smoke screen, feeding us with sensationalism and scare stories, but not revealing what is really happening behind the scenes. It can be hard not to be apprehensive or fearful with the talk of war, terrorism, climate change, austerity and recession, to name but a few. It is a huge relief to read, for example, the pages of ‘Positive News’, the inspiring and well-researched quarterly newspaper, founded by the late Shauna Crockett-Burrows, that gathers good news stories from around the world.

Living in these times of enormous changes, it is not easy when we feel that there is a huge movement of re-assessment and re-orientation going on for so many of us, while the ‘powers that be’, political and economic, are still desperately trying to cling to ‘Business as Usual’, as Joanna Macey calls it, in her powerful book ‘Active Hope’, co-written with Dr. Chris Johnstone. If we really want to get to the Truth, it can help to inform ourselves of some of the manipulations and activities that go on behind the scenes in order to maintain the materialistic world view and the system of control it has brought into being; but such research can lead to feelings of disempowerment, impotence and fear. On the other hand, however, attempting to focus only on the positive can cause us to be out of touch and also to be living in a kind of illusion. How then can we keep the balance between negativity and positivity, while really seeking for the Ground of Truth.

The answer may involve more than one level. On the one hand we need to be clear on the personal level, dealing with fears, anxieties and inadequacies that may have accumulated over the years from events in our past. For this level there are many and various techniques well exemplified by the wide choice of books available from Cygnus.

Going deeper

Going deeper we can remember that, despite what appears on the surface, there are the activities and help of Spiritual Beings on whom we can call. There is ‘something else’ going on, which is not accessible to those whose ambitions are control of the material world. I always loved the concept of ‘A Deeper Magic’, in C.S.Lewis’s ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, which allowed Aslan, the great sun lion being, to come to life again. In addition it helps when we know that everything is in evolution and, where we human beings are concerned, that evolution is of ‘consciousness’, awakening to a deeper spiritual awareness of all aspects of life. From this standpoint we have the potential to literally co-create a new world. Then also we can grasp that there are beings of hindrance, whose task is to test us, attempting to throw us into the depths of fear, depression and despair, or else to lure us out of ourselves into ambition and illusion. Each one of us has to deal with both extremes. But these beings are also in evolution, and every time we overcome their temptations, they too can move on in their own path of development.

With these thoughts we can have trust in the truth, allowing us to move forward without fear in these testing times. We can begin to feel the Ground of Truth solid under out feet, and know the full extent of our human potential.

Mark Stones

I think you know
we are going beyond paradigms.
We will not let ourselves be held
in boxes nor
small, curtained rooms.

We meet at markstones, menhirs
and dolmens,
(that we once sang into place?)
here, where heraldic beasts,
antlered, horned and hooved,
where fox and hare, raven and wren,
and the Fair Folk in crowds,
look on with expectation,
here on this sprung and moisty ground,
where bracken and beech leaves redden
and subside, becoming soil and loam;
for here, where we stand, the Old Gods dance
with the future.

Catalytic now, freed out of the private dark,
we are the passionate transition,
the restoration of primordial reverence,
primal innocence,
we are the joining…
we are the joining.

What we are about here, at the mark stones,
under the wide wheeling stars,
makes a beeline for the not yet,
calling it to us,
to rebuild
the sacred mountains, the shattered bones,
reignite the spark in the blood,
drawing forth the deeplight.

No heart will ever be the same after this.

I think you know, don’t you?
I think you know:
we are heading out
beyond the paradigms.

We are the joining.

New Year’s Eve 31st December 2010

© 2013 by Jehanne Mehta.

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