2013 August Issue Chat Page: Star Letter

Posted by Cygnus Team
24 July, 2013

Dear Friends,

I was compelled to spend time with the white lions after reading Linda Tucker’s amazing book [200711, £7.99]. I found the book very profound and incredibly well-researched, gifted with a special insight to make the connections that Linda made which resulted in her establishing the White Lion Trust.

On the second to last day that I was with the Trust, I had the opportunity to drive into the bush to track three wild lions there – two brothers and a sister, Matsieng, Zukhara (the brothers) and Nebu, their sister. I had seen them twice before but from a distance. This last time the universe granted me a supreme gift which I will always, always treasure. We came upon the two males lying in the road, in the sun. We were able to drive up right beside them. We were so close they were almost within touching distance. Seen this close, they live up to their iconic status, for they are truly the epitome of primal power and strength. Their paws are huge, alongside their jaws and the beautiful wisdom and nobility of those great faces. Not only that, the potency of their inner light is tangible and never failed to affect me. They do hold great light as Linda states in her book. I can testify to that reality. I was so deeply moved, my face was wet with tears.

My heart was also so wrenched because I knew I only had one more day left to enjoy this supreme privilege. Then, amidst my tears, Matsieng looked at me. But this was not just a glance; it was a sustained moment when our eyes met. The poem below is an attempt to capture in words the effect of that experience. Truly, it was like looking into the face of God, the veil of Life momentarily lifting to reveal the Holy Flame at the Heart of All Being. I hope it will speak to those who read this.

In the eyes of a lion

Is a cathedral spire of utter stillness:
The world drops away
And all the grandeur of God is concentrated
In the depths of the white lion’s azure gaze.

In the eyes of a lion
Is contained the sacrosanct purity
Of Beauty sublime
The innocence of the newborn
Unfettered and free
The wisdom of Arcane Source
Profound as the depths of the deep, blue sea.

In the eyes of a lion
Is revealed the blessing of a saint
Pierced with a flame from the Heart of the Sun
The voiceless drift of incandescent starlight
Spearing the soul with a breathless spasm
Of wonder to behold.

In the eyes of a lion
Is fulfilled a communion
With the Christ child,
Is given – for the brief fleeting of moments,
For the expanding dimension of eternity –
Love’s golden crown:
Emanent and numinous
Tangible and pure
As sweet as the sweetest rose
That could ever bloom.

This, oh all of this,
Is revealed
In the eyes of a lion.
In the eyes of the rare white lion
Who walks in Heaven’s Vale
His dominion made real
In the land of Timbavarti
In Timbavarti’s star-touched land.

Long, long may his reign be ascendent!
In praise of God! In praise of Earth!
In praise of the peerless white lion
Crowned eternally king of kings
In Africa’s blood-drenched land,
Praise him!

© Jo Woolley 2013

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