News from Cygnus: August 2013

    Posted by Ann and Geoff
    24 July, 2013

    Dear Friends,

    I was very impressed with the DVD The Cure Is. It begins by letting 3 people who had evaded terminal illnesses tell their stories. Obviously, positive thinking features heavily in their strategies for healing, but what is very noticeable is that you can still hear a lot of profound emotion in their voices, when they talk about facing death and great suffering, and sidestepping them. A mixture of fear and deep belief about the incredible terrifyingness of the experiences which they faced and endured, and gratitude too, for their miraculous escape. So the emotions I was hearing in their voices were not entirely positive by any means. And that made me want to tell you about something I learned when I was in the same situation: If you are in terrible pain, physical and/or emotional, and your thoughts are just an inner scream of ‘No!’, because you just can’t manage anything else, then don’t worry. Your negative thoughts can’t hurt you, your shadow can’t hurt you, and I, and those lovely people in The Cure Is, are the living proof of that. So the most important affirmation you can make in such difficult circumstances is: ‘My negative thoughts can’t hurt me. My shadow can’t hurt me (see William Bloom’s so helpful editorial). I am in the hand of God, which means the hand of Love, and perfect harmony can be here for me RIGHT NOW.’ And also, don’t let your negative thoughts/feelings beguile you into making negative choices, for instance: ‘I can’t see any way out of this, so I’ll just let them put me on loads of morphine, and then I won’t want to eat or drink any longer, and then I’ll die,’ because that would not even give the laws of divine harmony a chance to work in your life.

    Later in the film, Dr Bruce Lipton explains very eloquently how it is not what we think or feel consciously that determines what happens to us; it is what we very deeply know and feel in our subconscious minds. So the thing you want to deeply feel and know is: ‘I AM SAFE. Whatever twists and turns I make, however I stumble and fall, the Universe – made of love – is capable of righting it all in a second.’ If I were you I’d really practise this feeling and sense of knowing for a rainy day! Because what you want is for that confidence to run so deep in you that nothing can shift it; that it will just run like a program that no one and nothing can turn off. But, you know, that awareness forms the very fabric of your soul, so it does run deep in you, and what you really want to do is fan the flames of your soul awareness as much as you can.

    That’s why I think it is so important, as William explains in his editorial, to make a regular practice of deepening our experience and connection with the wonder and benevolence of nature and cosmos. Or immersing ourselves in the feeling of divine, unconditional love as Robert Holden suggests in his article. If you are really persistent, these practices and others like them actually change your brain, particularly the part where all our habits, and our animal instincts, are stored.

    Talking of habits, I discovered something hugely helpful while we were preparing our caravan, Heartsease, for use as a holiday retreat for Cygnus members. As you may have realised, I had a very difficult winter and lost so much energy and muscle mass due to anaemia, new nauseating drugs, and the change to the ketogenic diet (I’ll tell you about the diet another time – it’s doing me so much good!). So by the time we went to the caravan, I could only walk a few yards at a time and was living on painkillers. But…… because I have so many happy memories of being well and full of energy at the caravan…. I observed that what Eckhart Tolle says about the pain body is absolutely spot on, and all that misery and helplessness was largely fed by my own bad memories and experience-based conditioning. The moment I was in a space where I had different, more positive memories, all the pain and weakness just fell off me, and within days I was off the painkillers and enjoying long walks by the sea.

    Now just a bit of news: as many of you predicted, our new holiday business has been met with great enthusiasm by Cygnus members and we’ve taken lots of bookings. We’re enjoying being in closer contact with Cygnus members who come to us for holidays, and holding them in our hearts while they enjoy the space we have created for them. We’re working on another building now, in the Bath area, keeping our awareness of our soul-connection as we transform the space and make it suitable for nurturing the soul. We’ll tell you more about it when we’ve finished.

    We’re still hoping for more affirmations to be contributed by you all for our self-love fundraising book, and we were hoping that Robert Holden’s book Loveability would give you some inspiration.
    A heartfelt thank you for your support as we turn this difficult corner to arrive at a way of life and a way of running Cygnus more in keeping with the needs of our souls.

    Tons of love, Ann and Geoff

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