A Sacred Gift Awaits

Posted by Georgie Fox
7 August, 2013
A secluded idyllic retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds, dedicated to healing and personal growth. All genuine seekers of the truth are welcome.

These were the words nestling in the back of the Cygnus magazine which I was drawn to, just over a month ago, when I was desperately in need of some Universal TLC & guidance. As I write this, it is evident to me that the whole of this last month had been so obviously orchestrated by a divine power, so I could reach the depth of the peace & understanding that I am now feeling today with direct thanks to Louisa and her healing sanctuary.

Louisa, whose name I have seen on a few letters at various times in past editions of your magazine is the ‘keeper’ of this sacred space, this little piece of heaven on earth, which I was led to in the heart of the Cotswolds.  Louisa is an extra-ordinary, deeply connected woman playing a guiding role in the divine plan and generously offers her time, and her well-loved family home as a retreat centre to all seekers of the truth.

I have been blessed to spend five days in her company at this wonderful farm with her loving animals, who also play an important part in the sacred healing which takes place there.  Just after my arrival, we were sat amidst the most stunning majestic cedar and beech trees on the front lawn with Louisa and three other gentle souls, all of whom had been before.  I was saying that I had found my way there through Cygnus, and to Louisa this was sufficient referral, saying that those who came through Cygnus were usually more than prepared for what they were about to receive.

Louisa suggested I read her own story in her book ‘From Chrysalis to Butterfly’ and gave me a copy which I had read completely before I was privileged to spend 1-2-1 time with her on three occasions.

After the first amazing session and its’  revelations with Louisa, I felt to write the following in the back of the book:-

“ Louisa helps you to make sense of your life,
Louisa helps you to validate the life you have led,
Louisa leads you to discover your true worth.
Through actual past lives explained
you are able to understand the reasons for your questions
which have always been there in this life time
& now they are answered,  Alleluia  “

I have been on my spiritual journey for over 25 years, and am a simple, loving soul in a young 64 year old body, so this new level of awakening shows to me that it is ‘never too late;’ ‘the timing is always right;’ because ‘All is well, everything is working out for my highest good, I am safe’

I wonder if Cygnus realises the huge part that it, too, is playing in the divine plan?  I had always known that it was extra special, and have felt an inner glow to feel a part of such a very special spiritual family, however, I now know this to be atruth and want my brothers and sisters of Cygnus to have the awareness and opportunity to experience this sacred gift that awaits at www.cotswoldhealingretreat.co.uk for themselves .

With Love
Georgie Fox

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