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Celebrate the Celtic Festival of the Sun!

The Lammas Hills

The Celtic festival of Lughnasadh comes at that high point of summer when we often get the warmest weather in Britain and Ireland. The sun has warmed the Earth and everywhere in field, forest, and orchard, there are signs of ripening grain and fruits. In Ireland this was the time to climb the hills dedicated to the old pagan god Lugh and celebrate the beginning of the harvest with joyful dance, music and games. Lugh’s name means “Light” and although he developed many different aspects over time, it’s clear that originally he was a god of the Sun. Many of the Lughnasadh hills in Ireland became rededicated to Saint Michael in the Christian era, Michael being the Archangel of the Sun and Fire. There are many Saint Michael hills in England too, which were probably the original seat of Beli, a British god of light. Some of these are still ritually climbed at Lammas, the festival of the “loaf-mass,” the English equivalent of Lughnasadh.

The Spiritual Sun

Today sun-worship sounds very primitive to modern minds, educated to understand the scientific nature of the sun as a flaming ball of gases. But many inner traditions, east and west, are aware of its true nature as the Great Spiritual Sun, a fiery Intelligence sometimes called the Solar Logos. As the mind is to the body in a human being, so the Solar Logos is to the planets in its system, which can be likened to energy centres, or chakras, in the body of this great Intelligence. When the Solar Logos, which is pure Divine Consciousness, wishes to express its influence, it does so through its emissary known in the west as Lugh, Beli, or Michael – although this being has many other names worldwide. Whether regarded as god or archangel, this being carries spiritual influences of the highest kind to us on planet Earth.

A Sun-breathing Meditation

At this time of year it’s particularly easy to attune to the Great Spiritual Sun. You don’t have to do any complicated preparations: wherever you happen to be, sitting or standing, face the sun and feel its warmth and light soaking into your body, mind and soul. Take some deep breaths and feel as if you are breathing not just through your nose, but through every pore in your body. Breathe in the light of the sun and draw down the heavenly fire into every cell of your body, every thought in your mind, and every feeling in your heart. Take great draughts of spiritual solar power – drink the sun! This simple attunement will bring you closer to your own centre, your own Inner Light, and closer to the Divine Spirit which blesses our world with Life, Light and Love.

Free Webinar on the Mysteries of Avalon

On Saturday, August 24th I am offering a one-hour live talk on Sacred Magic and the Mysteries of Avalon, which is free of charge and available to people all over the world through the internet. This is a preview of my new teleseminar on The Arts of Sacred Magic. This is the entire first course in the Avalon Mystery School, offered in a live, interactive format for the first time! The course will offer you a comprehensive, in-depth grounding in the Arts of Sacred Magic over ten months, with one session per month.
Throughout the course, you will be able to personally communicate with me both during the class session (which is a full two hours in length) and also in-between classes via an “online classroom” where you can join with the community of other students in discussions and to ask me any questions you may have.

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Republished with kind permission of Mara Freeman © 2013.

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