Connecting with the Web of Life

Posted by Yvonne Ryves
21 August, 2013

In many cultures and belief systems, both esoteric and scientific, there is a belief that we, as humans, are part of an extensive web of life. We are not here in isolation but are part of a matrix of connections that link every single one of us to every other living thing. Although it may be described in many different ways, it is generally accepted, that all life forms on the planet communicate in some way through these threads or connections.

A universal belief

Pagans have always understood that everything is connected and shares consciousness and in Wicca it is believed that we are part of a circle of vibrating energy with everything that exists being connected. Buddhists believe that the relationship between the individual and the environment is inseparable and part of shamanism is the belief that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Some areas of science also understand that there is constant communication, with information and energy being exchanged between all of life even at subatomic level.

The concept that we are in constant communication with everything that exists is exciting and opens many possibilities for us but can also be completely overwhelming. If we were to open ourselves to everything that exists, it would be like trying to listen to and interact with every radio station and television in the world, all at the same time. Totally confusing to say the least.

Making connections

It is, though, possible to learn how to communicate with everything that shares this planet with us, but it’s best just to learn how to communicate only with connections that can help us and which we can learn from. We make decisions all the time about which humans we interact with and we can also learn how to make decisions about all other interactions.

It can be helpful to imagine yourself as being in control, not of the whole web of life, but of your own small section of it, to see yourself as the spider not only creating the threads that surround you but also who and what they connect with, as well as how many connections are ‘open’ at any one time. By doing this it can help to give a sense of what we do as we move through life, how it is also possible to create something that is uniquely yours.

So how do you choose these connections? How do you know which ones can help, which are the ones that you can learn from?

It is useful first of all to be aware of which threads have been spun and which connections you have already made. To start to do this have a look around you. Do you have collections of anything? Crystals, fairies, pixies or teddy bears for example. Are there plants that you insist on having in the garden no matter where you live or what you are doing with the garden? Are you drawn to any particular animal? Are there photos, pictures, paintings, in which the same animal, tree, plant, creature etc features over and over again? We all subconsciously draw to us the very things that we need in our lives so anything that you are are already drawing into your life will be there when you look around.

If there is nothing immediately apparent find a quiet place to sit, one where you will not be disturbed, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow your mind to quieten and become completely still. In the stillness ask for a connection to be made known to you. You may find images or words float into your mind or vision. If nothing comes do not worry. Just be open to the idea, you may find that connections are suggested to you in other ways later.

Each of our connections can be thought of a teacher, something that has the potential to support us, help us heal and grow as we move through our lives, so learning how to communicate with the energy of a connection once it has been made is very important.

When you first begin to learn to connect with the energy of something it can be easier to work with something physically present and which is living, so connecting with a tree or plant is a good exercise to practice.

Choose a tree or plant to work with. Make sure that the tree or plant is in a space that feels comfortable and where you will be able to sit quietly without being disturbed. Sit as close as you can to the tree or plant. Stretch out your hand and place your palm gently on the tree or plant being careful not to do any damage. Check that it feels comfortable working with this tree or plant, if it doesn’t choose another one instead. Sit quietly and breathe slowly and deeply so that you feel calm and relaxed. Ask the tree or plant for permission to work with it and then ask it to share its energy with you. Breathe in the energy of the tree or plant and feel it fill you. Be aware of any sensations, images or words that come to you. Take your time with this. When you have finished thank the tree or plant and it is always a good idea to write down anything you have experienced.

You can then try this exercise with some of your own connections in the web of life.

© 2013 by Yvonne Ryves,

by Yvonne Ryves

Using the simple structure of the spider s web, combined with the wisdom of ancient medicine wheel tradition, Yvonne Ryves teaches how to weave your own personal web of life.Click here to buy.

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