Divine Healing of Mind and Body

Posted by Murdo Macdonald- Bayne
24 September, 2013

Introduction: a description of the talks given through Dr MacDonald-Bayne by Miss I Bagot-Smith

In the spring of 1948 a series of talks was given. To those who were chosen to hear them, this was a unique and unforgettable experience. No one who heard them could ever be the same again. They were hours of the highest spiritual growth and understanding. It was as though a veil were torn from our eyes and we could see clearly. The veritable presence of the Master became so strong a reality to us that it has never faded but grown in intensity and vividness. And always, since that time, when we lift our minds to spiritual things, suddenly we know the Master is beside us, the Power of the Father is within and all is well.

An extract from one of the talks – on the Divine Nature of Love

The whole Universe is one complete whole, expressing the Divine Nature of Love. Love is the holy cohesive quality, the only power that can sustain all things, and is bringing about Its own perfection. There is never anything wrong where Love exists, for It is complete in Itself.

There is nothing that can interfere with the current of pure thought directed from Life, for really there is no distance: the only necessity is a condition of receptivity. It is now possible to receive this wonderful gift of the Father that is being poured out eternally. You can experience It for yourselves by opening yourselves up to It. You do not receive It from the external, only know that It is eagerly waiting to express Itself from the very centre of your being.

You must become consciously aware of It, and when you are consciously aware of It, then you will experience It in every cell of your body, in your surroundings, in your friends, in your business place, your home – all can be filled with It. And there is nothing that can withstand It. It is so solid in Its nature that It interpenetrates every single particle of substance that exists in the Universe. It supports the whole Universe, and It gives breath and life;

I am the Life and Love

All your thoughts of Love and Healing sent out even without any special direction are caught up in the stream, and they help all. Remember nothing is lost in this world of thought charged with Love.

The omnipresence of God

Let your hearts and minds rest undisturbed in the realisation of the omnipresence of God. Even the omnipresence of God. Even the child will come to know that there is no space or distance, for you all dwell in God and there is absolutely nothing outside God.

By my own experiences I found that the flesh changes through the conscious awareness of the Divine Essence of Love. It is the Power that creates all things, and attracts everything to it.

God is not far from any one of you. For in Him all live and move and have their being, and, as some of your wise men have said:

All are His kindred
Yes, when you have seen me you have seen the Father.

There is no mystery about these words when you thoroughly understand them. The mystery disappears when they are understood. There cannot be one particle of substance that is not of God. Every particle in the whole Universe must be of God, for it is God alone who is expressing Himself, and I and the Father are one, there is no separation between us.

Understand that the great Truth of the Omnipresence, the Omnipotene and the Omniscience of God is complete. Know that it is He Who lives, and He alone lives, in every living thing because He created all of them and He could not live apart from His creations, for He is omnipresent.

If His creations were in any way separated from Him, He could not be Infinite in nature, He could not be complete in Himself. Every creation was created with the fundamental principle of Love harmonising every action, bringing into manifestation His Divine nature. And when man becomes aware of this Truth, then shall man create in himself the reflection of that perfect Divinity which will bring about his Heaven on Earth.

The illusion of death

And they mocked because they heard of the resurrection of the dead. Yet how could there be anything dead in the living Universe? How could there be anything dead in the Eternal Living God? Admitted there is change taking place everywhere, but there is nothing dead in that change: every particle is a living particle which changes from one form to another. What ignorant man sees is death, what enlightened man sees is the action of Life. Ignorant man does not understand the law of transition from the one state to another, therefore man creates in his own mind the illusion he calls death.

Not one particle of the whole Universe is dead; every particle is alive, existing in God. Every particle, even in its process of change, is a living expression of Life. And the fundamental principle under it all is the power of Love flowing from the Central Font of Love to Its smallest creations.

Your sense-mind would cloud or hide the vision, the vision of the completeness of that which is Divine in nature. But now you are in the secret place of the most High, and He shall wipe away all tears from your eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things pass away.

From Divine Healing of Mind and Body by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne. © the Trustees for the compyrights of the Late Murdo McDonald-Bayne 1953.

by Murdo Macdonald- Bayne

For the many people called to hear the lectures of Murdo MacDonald Bayne, it was an experience never to be forgotten. Those who attended reported how a transformation appeared to take place, in which the speaker appeared to grow visibly, his face radiating light as he spoke. MacDonald-Bayne himself described how he became aware of a sublime power and consciousness far above his own as he taught those present with the authority of Christ. Click here to buy.

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