Finding Crystals in the Rain

Posted by Louisa Mills
24 September, 2013


Lady spin your circle bright. Weave your web of dark and light. Earth, air, fire and water. Bind us all as one

The new issue of the Cygnus Review (which is out now in print and online) made me think of this ancient pagan chant. Have you seen the magazine yet, with it’s gorgeous, sparkling spider web on the cover? My son will love that photo, we both enjoy looking for spider webs after a downpour – he insists that spiders keep a horde of rain crystals.

I came across that old quote in a book I’m really into at the moment – ‘Web of Life’ by Yvonne Rees (it was reviewed in the September issue of the Cygnus Review). The words summon a real sense of unconditional oneness – a balance of light and dark, of the opposing universal elements of matter and energy, working in harmony, as they weave their way through everything … through each of us. Whether looked at in a literal, scientific way or with a spiritual perspective, we are, after all, a part of everything in this vast reality. That perfect balance is integral to what we are made of … whether we believe it or not … even in the most hectic of moments.

Now, more than ever, I needed a reminder of my place in a higher, archaic balance – so thank you Cygnus, for bringing to mind this potent chant, and indeed for introducing me to the ‘Web of Life’ in the first place … you’ve done it again! Indeed I’m seeing that message flow through the rest of the magazine and it’s really got me thinking positively.

Clear reflections

Honouring our rightful, blessed place in everything, opens us to the best in ourselves, or our truth, if you will, on a profound level – which, in turn, reflects the truth in our families, friends, colleagues and perfect strangers, creating better relationships, as described by William Bloom in his opening letter and the opportunity for positive, meaningful interaction with everybody we encounter in life, no matter how difficult the circumstance, as we read about in Pierre Pradervand’s article inspired by his book ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’. Barbara Wren explains how embracing this aspect of ourselves, this light, helps us to heal our bodies on a cellular level and our world on a social level.

FP for short

Another word for best could be ‘FP’ which is short for field of infinite possibilities, a term that Pam Grout uses to describe God.

‘The FP is a force field that’s equally available to everyone. It’s a natural capacity in all of us, not an exclusive gift bestowed upon a few. In fact, that is the primary lesson Jesus taught. God is within. You are part of God. You can perform miracles.’

Now that’s the best I’m talking about. I for one am up for those ‘48 hour experiments’ that promise to show us the ‘positive, loving, totally hip force in the universe’ … in fact, going by the down to earth tone that comes across in her article, I’m confident that I could even get the most unlikely of friends to join in and maybe even prove to them that spirituality isn’t all whimsy and rose petals – it can be kickass with empowering, exciting results!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your read of the Cygnus Review.

With one love, as always,


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