Light, Resonance and Disease

Posted by Barbara Wren
24 September, 2013

What if light actually does control everything? Think about it for a moment. Without light from the sun, there would be no life on Earth. Light is the life-giver and also the healer, within as well as without. Light is important to us on a metaphorical and physical level – winter is associated with darkness and death, while summer is associated with rebirth and life. Living to our potential is also associated with light, in as much as it involves maintaining our light within.

Holding the spectrum of light

If each cell in our vehicle holds its full quota of photons, i.e. as much light as it can, then we’re in harmony – in resonance – with life itself. All forms of medicine and healing should have this as their aim.

Some of this is already being recognized. The importance of light in the form of vitamin D3 has been highlighted by medical associations worldwide, particularly for joint and bone issues, while in The Field, Lynne McTaggart draws attention to the very strange light emissions when multiple sclerosis (MS) or cancer are present.

Light orchestrates everything within our cells. Remember that it is a prerequisite in attracting oxygen, and when light and oxygen are present in sufficient quantities, transmutation can take place within the cell and there can be a complete electrolyte exchange.

To create and maintain cellular health, we need not only to draw in light but also to understand our place within the cosmos.We live between Heaven and Earth and use energy from the Earth (for example, crops) and energy from above (for example, light and oxygen). In past times, we had a greater connection with the soil, as we grew, raised and foraged food in our local environment. We followed the natural rhythms of nature, and food was grown and eaten with respect. This nurtured us, as the Earth was able to donate the maximum amount of electron energy. However, this is not the case in modern life, as genetic modification, fertilizers, processing and food preparation transform our food into less natural forms of nourishment. Its energy is distorted, which in turn affects the donation of electrons to the cells of the body.

We in the West have lost something crucial: Our ability to fully experience our connection to the Earth – and also to the Sun, to the cosmos. If we look to other traditions, we can see it hasn’t always been this way. For example, in the Native American tradition, when someone was ill, a slight dip would be dug for them in the ground and lined with moist grass to create a bed. The Native Americans knew this was the best place to nurse a person back to health because Mother Earth’s electron donation was a vital part of the healing process.

Fortunately, a number of modern practitioners are making an enormous difference to people suffering with life-threatening issues by returning to this ancient human understanding.

If we live in this way – cultivating our food to hold all the natural energies of the Earth and consuming it with respect – we get back in touch with the light and attract even more positive energies into our cells. For me, this is obvious. Food has an intrinsic connection to the cosmos – it grows under the influence of light and the rhythms of nature – and when it is taken into the body, by donating its full quota of electrons as well as nutrients, it strengthens our own connection with the cosmos, with light, and with universal wisdom.

A chance to rebalance our world

We are living on a busy planet on which we rely for survival, so it makes sense to live in harmony with its natural rhythms. They bring us far more than just survival – they bring us balance.

As already mentioned, in Traditional Chinese Medicine each season is responsible for influencing a different organ, and each organ is linked to the expression of a different emotion. Each day we have two-hour periods of energy flowing through the different organs. These are further influenced by the phases of the moon. This means there are natural cycles in which each organ, and the emotion that organ expresses, is focused upon for a certain time in order to keep things moving in the body. So our vehicle is, at all levels, the manifestation of a direct connection between heaven and Earth.We could also say that our body ought to be the manifestation of our soul. The problem is that modern life seems intent on moving us further and further away from our natural connection, and so further away from our potential.

However, it seems to me that one of the greatest rebalancers is happening now – in the Age of Aquarius. The elliptical orbit of our solar system around the star Alcyone takes approximately 26,000 years, which means that at certain times we are much closer to it than at others. In 2012 we entered its photon belt, so for the next 2,100 years we’ll be bathed in far more photon energy than at any other period of time since the last Age of Leo. In the past, times of high photon activity have coincided with great leaps forward in human development, and so it seems that during this period we will have an immense opportunity to receive more universal wisdom.We may find that ancient paradigms resurface, such as telepathic ability and other phenomena that we now consider miracles, such as spontaneous healing.

It seems to me that it is vital that we harmonize with the natural processes of life so that we can maximize our receipt of this light and its universal wisdom. But, of course, first we have to be able to encode it into our body in order to understand it.

I believe this cosmic event is happening at a crucial time in human history, as everywhere we see wisdom slipping away – a prime example being the greed and dominance that has left the majority of the planet’s inhabitants starving while a minority is overfed and wasteful. But if we get the only thing that we truly own – ourselves – into some sort of shape to take up our position between heaven and Earth, then we’ll see a return to the light and be able to resolve the issues we face.

From Our Return to the Light © 2013 by Barbara Wren, published by Hay House.

by Barbara Wren

Our Return to the Light has a simple but timely message: stress is the precursor of disease, but when we dance in rhythm with the universe we transmit and receive light within every cell of the body, freeing ourselves from fear and creating healing from within. Click here to buy.

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