Live beyond limits

Posted by Louisa Mills
11 September, 2013

Today is a good day! That’s my affirmation and I’m sticking to it. I woke in a decidedly good mood, as an obstinate response to the drag of a day I had yesterday. It really was a bit of flat-liner, so I spent some time in the evening looking at what I could do to turn things around and make improvements. In the past I’d have been inclined to dwell on the stumbling blocks, wishing them away, whereas now I’m focusing my efforts on using them as stepping stones.

Oh yes!

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Yes is a powerful word. When Harry Met Sally wouldn’t be half as exciting without it and neither would life. That’s why, after devising a plan for a better way forward, I decided to listen to Gary Quinns audio book, the Yes Frequency, before going to bed – to more definitively set my course and help me put a more positive step forward today. I highly recommend the CD (there is a book available too, but I was feeling lazy). The goal of the Yes Frequency is to help us overcome the obstacles that are set when our values and beliefs don’t align with our goals, behaviours, emotions, situations and thoughts by helping us to get to a point in ourselves where we can make the entire value system fit together. I’ll be using this game plan going forward, with a copy of the book to dip into and help develop it – because I know that obstacles are always going to crop up in life, both emotional and practical. We can’t prevent them or get rid of them but freedom of choice does give us the power to use them.

No matter what

The free video I’m sharing with you below is a testimony of that power. In an awe inspiring TED talk, Amy Purdy tells us how she has used her obstacles to develop her strengths. Despite having lost both of her legs from the knee down, she has become a gold medalist snowboarder, travelling the world and helping others. Quite literally, she has created a new way to cross her stepping stones and live her dreams and we can do the same.

One love,


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