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Nature Blessings: November Issue of Cygnus Review out Now!

Owl ©janet Baxter

Owls are such proud, archaic ambassadors of the enigmatic dark energies of nature. To me their beautifully haunting call is an invitation to step out of the neon glow of our modern lives and into the healing shadows of the whispering night. Oh how we need that silent contact with nature, as regular as we can get it. It is so easy to forget that, when we are busy, preoccupied and tired, but celebrations honouring the turning of the seasons, such as Samhain tomorrow, help us to remember.

Turn out the lights

Just as Ann describes, in the thought provoking editor’s letter of the magazine, I too have been all the more mindful of our intrinsic need to live closely to nature. Physical, emotional and spiritual nurturing can be found simply with a stroll through the trees. As I stood under a shower of autumnal crimson confetti today I contemplated to what extent my family would benefit from, as Ann suggests, turning off the power at night … I think it’d be a good idea to respond to the owl’s call and to ease away from the artificially conditioned world that illuminates everything but that what is important for peace of mind and personal well being.

Inspiration every day

I always love Cygnus’ calendars but this year they have surpassed themselves. Janet Baxter’s photography, as always, is a strikingly beautiful homage to Wales’ wildlife that brings the spirit and the light of nature to life on the pages. Ann’s touching introduction to the calendar was clearly written from the heart – both her words and the inspirational quotes from Claire Thompson, invoke warm appreciation of the grace that flows unconditionally from Mother Nature. I agree with the review, this is more than a calendar – it is a special keepsake and a perfect gift for yourself and for others. Talking of special gifts … Claire Thompson also has a lovely looking book (Mindfulness and the Natural World) available from Cygnus Books. I get the feeling that she would gladly use her every breath to call out her soulful tribute to the Spirit of Nature; I personally can’t wait to read more!

Those are the two highlights of this issue for me, although as always my wish list is insatiably long. Each and every article was insightful and a real pleasure to read – they are all listed down the page, along with links to the rich diversity of books and Christmas shopping ideas that can actually make a positive difference to those we care about!

Samhain freebie!

In honouring of Samhain (Halloween) and the sacred transition into the darker months, Cygnus Books are offering free UK postage on all orders placed on 31st October! Now that is the sort of incentive that could actually get me Christmas shopping early this year … wow, Christmas without the mad rush, there’s a welcome concept!

One love,


November Issue of Cygnus Review 2013

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