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The Seven Initiations

You have incarnated not just to bring forward a new Golden Age but also to birth a new civilization. Much is expected of you and much will be given to you as your evolution is accelerated. I hope that this discussion of the seven initiations will help you on your path.

Soul purification

An initiation is a rite of passage to a much higher level of evolution. There are seven stages and each soul with the help of the archangels chooses the test it most needs. The tests may be so severe that they involve the life or health of the individual. This means that the person gives something important in order to receive higher gifts of spirit.
The suffering involved acts as a cleanser and purifier at a soul level. Usually the person undertakes something for the collective and so helps many people.

Opportunities for spiritual growth

Some people take several initiations in one lifetime. Others spread their journey over many lives. And a soul may choose to retake initiations even though they have done them before in previous incarnations. Remember it is the soul who chooses, not the personality incarnated on Earth.
Because of the opportunities for spiritual growth available now and over the next few years, many souls are undertaking these spiritual challenges. This is one reason why so many people seem to be having such a difficult time. Whole families often agree to go through initiations together. For example one member of the family having a serious operation, an accident, a sick child, losing a job or some other problem, may offer everyone in that group the conditions for their different initiations.

The first initiation

The first initiation tests the physical body and results in spiritual awakening. The person who has undertaken it is now a spiritual disciple whether he realizes it or not. For some people the actual initiation may be birth itself.

The second initiation

The second initiation involves taking charge of the emotions and is one of the most difficult ones to achieve. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to master the emotional body and be ready for this challenge. People often think that the tests involved are karmic repayments when the person is really going through a spiritual initiation.

The third initiation

Following the physical and emotional challenges comes the third one, the mental initiation. After that the disciple takes mastery of his thoughts and uses them constructively.

The fourth initiation

The most devastating initiation is the fourth one, known as the crucifixion. Jesus took his on the cross. It involves the offering of yourself at an emotional level and tests your deepest fears in order to lift some of the fear in the collective consciousness. It often involves rejection and loss on a personal and emotional level. However, on a spiritual level it is the gateway to something higher.
My crucifixion lasted for nearly twenty years. Again it was to do with loss of everything I had known. Now I understand that the emotional trauma was an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth, which was orchestrated by my guides and angels. It presented me with the circumstances for my fourth initiation. At the same time it presented most of my family with an opportunity to undertake their second or third initiations.
What seemed like many shattered lives was, from a higher perspective, a huge spiritual opportunity. I bless everyone concerned. It also demonstrates graphically to me that no one can ever judge another. I had to let go of everything in order to let the angels into my life.

The fifth initiation

Some people have a very difficult time taking their fifth initiation, which is the preparation for the ascension path. This is where you have access to your Monad or I AM presence and sign on for cosmic service. This initiation was easy for me, as I had done it so many times in other lives. In response to feeling that this was the right time, I met two friends and we took each other through a meditation into the first stages of ascension. Interestingly one of them achieved it first, and then he helped us through.

The sixth initiation

The sixth initiation is ascension and for many this is relatively easy after the preparation they have undergone, though if you have read Elizabeth Haich’s fascinating book called Initiation, this is the one she failed. The consequences of failure are quite dire. In her case she had to start again at the beginning and learn the lessons of life. It was rather like a university graduate having to go back to kindergarten again. I know someone else who failed this initiation and had to reincarnate with great wisdom but no power to express it.

The seventh initiation

There is a seventh initiation. It is taken out of body after death and takes place during discussions about your next step. In order to pass it you must be willing to do that which is for the highest good.

EXERCISE: Review Your Tests and Challenges

Take time to examine the tests and challenges you have undergone to become the person you are. Have any of them changed you? Looking back on your life can you see yourself and other people differently knowing that you had to experience what you went through in order to get you where you are now?

From Birthing a New Civilization © 2013 by Diana Cooper, published by Findhorn Press.

by Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper opens this explosive book, epic in sweep and scale, by explaining that we have all incarnated to bring forth the new Golden Age and to birth a new civilisation. She says specifically that much is expected of you and much will be given to you as your evolution is accelerated. Click here to buy.


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