Crystal Divination: A Surprising History

Posted by Judy Hall
25 November, 2013

I was absolutely delighted last year to be asked to create a crystal oracle pack. I’ve been researching the history of crystal divination and have tracked the practice of scrying back over seven thousand years but it is probably much older as the pouches of stones, polished crystal mirrors and spheres buried with their owners in prehistory attest. When you gaze into a crystal your rational mind no longer operates and intuition kicks in. When you cast crystals, random chance apparently takes over but synchronicity is at work. But the easiest way of all is to use a crystal card pack. This means that you can tune into some of the newer – and expensive – high vibration crystals as well as tried and tested old favourites. And, as an extra benefit, you can lay the cards on your body for healing.

Magical encapsulation

I wanted the pack to be something special that would access soul guidance as well as answer more mundane questions. I was fortunate to have a young photographer, Michael Ilias, working with me who encapsulated their essence in his shots. The stunning photographs in The Crystal Wisdom Oracle help you develop your own intuition, expanding and anchoring your awareness. Each card has a self understanding insight and a divinatory meaning to assist you in navigating your life following your soul’s path. In a sense, they are a crystal initiation.

You have natural healing ability, focus it wisely.

Crystals have always been a part of magic and transformation. Oral tradition tells us that crystal talismans were used not only to ascertain but also to influence the future. From Babylonian times, many crystals were astrological in nature, intrinsically linked to the planets and zodiac. They were part of a complex system of forecasting and petitioning favour from the gods which passed down through the ages. Crystal divination is found throughout the Old Testament and in many other sources.

Egyptian wisdom

In the ancient Egyptian story King Cheops and the Magicians, the king, builder of the Great Pyramid, had long sought for hidden chambers in a temple of the wisdom god Thoth – keeper of the Akashic Record. Cheops’ son suggested he seek out a magician named Djedi. Asked if he knew the location of the chambers, the magician replied, ‘No, but the answer will be found in a basket of flint in a room named ‘investigator’ in Heliopolis.’ Heliopolis is the sun or the self. This is a profound piece of oracular wisdom that could be interpreted as the answer having to be sought in the inner, not the outer, world.

Royal assent

In the more recent past, Doctor Dee scryed with a crystal ball to advise Queen Elizabeth I on state policy – one of his Smoky Quartz ‘shewstone’ spheres is in the British Museum, as is his Obsidian scrying mirror. I handled one of his shewstones, which was in private hands, many years ago and can attest that it retained its powers!

So? What can crystal scrying do for you?

The oracle speaks for your soul. Each card has replies slanted towards self understanding and divination and a healing insight. The answers encompass fortunate and seemingly less fortunate possibilities. But the cards do not judge which is which. Crystal wisdom can only work for you if you are prepared to let go of the past, incorporate the oracle’s advice into every aspect your life and expand your awareness into the amazing mysteries of soul and higher consciousness that await you.

Case history

I’ve just had a cataract operation that was, to quote the surgeon, ‘complicated’. I could barely see, required further operations on it, and my other eye needed doing. I had to cancel all my workshops. The future looked bleak. So I turned to the Crystal Wisdom Oracle and pulled a card:
Rainbow Mayanite: the rainbow bridge

Iridescent Rainbow Mayanite bridges the many dimensions of this world and the rest of creation. It has made its presence known to heal unconditionally and assist the shift to a new level of consciousness: literally a new age.
Vibration: exceptionally high
Chakra: Higher crown. Recalibrates all to optimum functioning
Timing: Aquarius
Soul path: becoming a rainbow bridge between the worlds
Self-understanding: You are a leader for the ascension of our planet. When you raise your vibrations the whole benefits. De-energise old patterns. Release karmic encrustations and toxic dross absorbed from others, or the environment, from your etheric body
Divination: You are a herald of a new age. Recognise how your soul is manoeuvring you onto your true pathway and how apparently detrimental situations offer soul gifts. Re-examine projects in the making and let go those not for your highest good or that of others. You see things from both sides. Always speak truth no matter what the cost but be tactful. You have natural healing ability, focus it wisely.

Crystal blessings,

© 2013 by Judy Hall. You can buy crystal scrying packs, spheres and other crystals specially charged up for you by Judy from

by Judy Hall

Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals expert Judy Hall, The Crystal Wisdom Oracle will connect you to your higher, intuitive self, and, in the process, give you amazing insights into your past, present and future.Click here to buy.

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