Loving Yourself

Posted by Cygnus Team
25 November, 2013


Here is a selection of the affirmations many Cygnus members have sent in for the book we hope to compile, entitled ‘Loving Yourself’. We still would like to receive more affirmations, so if you, too, would like to make a contribution, please send it in to us.

‘Our gift to the world is to be truly ourselves. Following our own unique path sets us free and enables us to transmit love and healing to everyone and everything.’

– Sharon Earl

‘Never let yesterday fill up today. The future depends on what we do in the present.’

– Margaret Harrold

‘If I am loving to myself I have so much more love to give to everyone else.’

– Elizabeth Wright

‘I love myself because in so doing the gateway to the source of life opens and because I can then show others the way through, should they choose to follow.’

– Becky Lewis

‘Remember the sun is still shining, even on the dullest day. Tune into its energy and let your heart glow.’

– Mrs M. Alexander

‘I am now more than equal to any challenge that I am given.’

– Anon

‘When I fall into the pit of darkness, the invisible hand of Love reaches out and pulls me up.’

– Fozila Chowdry

‘There is nothing you can do, say, think or feel that will stop me loving you. You are loved absolutely and unconditionally.’

– Nicola Newsome

‘I love myself for being able to return love by being a healing channel. Love is a two way thing, by giving we also receive.’

– Mrs Gould

‘I am at peace with life, I trust life, I am calm, all is well in my world.’

– Mrs D. Morrison

‘No trial is forever, but love is.’

– Rosalie Taylor-Veale

‘Everything around me is there for my highest good. And each ‘now’ moment is full of opportunities. For each ‘now’ moment is where I AM.’

– Sonara

‘I love and accept myself as who I am right now.’

– Lian Lilley-Earley

‘I am beautiful and balanced, inside and out, I am resilient!’

– Louise Baillie

‘When I don’t love and respect myself, how can we expect others to? When I move into the heart and change the way I view myself, others will respond accordingly. Their hearts will open because they experience the joy of love coming from me and in turn from themselves.’

– Christine Hughes

‘Love is made of light like the universe.
I love myself because I am made of light. I light the light of God in my heart to shine in the darkness.
My heart is made of love.
My heart is made of light.’

– Sarah Connor

What’s your affirmation for Loving Yourself?

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