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Cygnus Advent Day 18: Do you believe in Christmas magic?

I believe in the magic of Christmas … do you? Wouldn’t it really be something if it could last the whole year? To believe is to somehow know how it feels in that world within a snow globe – where everything glitters and windows glow with the warmest of candlelight. The magic of Christmas is revealed in the light that gleams from the facets of every snowflake and in the flicker of every hearthfire.

Silent night, holy night

Although mid winter is the darkest time of year there is a peace to be found in it’s integral part of this picture and indeed in our own lives. Darkness, after all, is what brings the light to life. It’s only against a vast black sky that a guiding star can appear bold and brilliant enough to clearly follow. It is in the long, cold nights that we stoke the fires of hope and warm reassurance. In these quiet moments, the winter implores us to slow our pace, drawing our attention and understanding inwardly to the seeds deeply sown throughout the year. From here we can cultivate the sort of peace that promotes growth. What’s more is our imaginations come alive – especially with all the festive stories and winter wonderland imagery. So mindful, lucid and brimming with belief we are on the look out for any glimmer of light to nourish, with hope, all we nurture within. It is this alertness to the light that makes our Christmas sparkle with magic!

I wish it could be Christmas every day

So if we attribute the magic of Christmas to the balance of light and dark and the turning of the seasons doesn’t that mean that the magic, and all the associated feelings of warmth and peace, can actually continue after January 3rd?! After all that cycle keeps turning while we keep living and learning! Oh and seeing as this way of looking at it is based on natural fact it makes it a little difficult not to believe in the magic of Christmas now doesn’t it? And if one can believe in the magic of Christmas … well we could go on forever with this but instead I’ll wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Winter Solstice for this Saturday.

One love,


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