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Posted by Cygnus Team
27 December, 2013

Star Poem: New Light

As the old ways begin to crumble,
challenging our intent, bringing compassion,
Making way for the new
as our superficial behaviours become obsolete,
a new light comes into view.

We see the path we should follow.
Gaining in knowledge and truth,
the patterns of our existence
have shaped the mould
into which the new light can emerge.

This is a time for nurturing the seeds of love
and seeking optimism for the future.
As we pass through the gates of a new dawn,
becoming stronger, clearer in our resolve
for the renewed cycle of hope coming after the darkness

Louise Fairclough


This poem is about today, looking out of my window. Thinking about my cat who was lost from a cattery 23 days ago. We were reunited 8 days later.

The Weight of Snow

Snow caught in a web
Buffeted by faint wind
Flakes strengthened
In tenuous lines
Held fast by threads
Of spider silk

Drip and splatter all round
As fragile lumps drop
Compact one another
In stark white mounds

No corner left sharp
By the glittering mantle
That conceals what is
A different land

Sculpted shapes appear
Bulk where there was no bulk
Delicate fronds weighted heavy
Not withstanding the frozen clumps

The line hanging ice
Instead of cloth
Awaiting release
Thaw to begin

An interlude of survival
For creature hidden deep
In hedgerow, bank
The debris of man



My take on loving yourself:

We are all pieces of a multidimensional puzzle, and each one of us is necessary to complete the picture. But a jigsaw piece isn’t smooth and polished and perfect – it wouldn’t function if it were! We are all perfectly imperfect’ (to quote Christine Day), and we should try to love not only the tiny part of the beautiful pattern that we bear, but the awkward lumpy bumpy bits around the edges – because they are what enable us to take our place in the whole.

Elaine Care


Loving Yourself affirmations

I am the lotus and the dragonfly,
rising from the depths to greet the sun.
I glow with inner light,
and I am beautiful.
I am a shining one

– Rowanna

I know even within my darkest moments of challenge that there remains a light within me, and to realise its presence – all I need to do is ask.

– Rosalie Taylor-Veale

I AM worthy of Love, because I AM love, because Love is all there is.

– Angela Dawson

I love myself
I accept who I am
I face my fears and failures
I know I am doing my best
I love all these things in you too

– Margaret Pearson

When I feel guilty, fearful or inadequate I am like a tiny, injured animal. I must redouble my kindness to myself in that very moment…

– Jackie Hobbs

I am Love, I am Light, I am Source.
I love you, I love all of you, all there is of you.

– Elaine Carey

You are a dazzling drop of light. You will see it clearly in periods of darkness, when you have to shine harder so that others can recognise and join you

– Meleusina

I love myself for being calm, happy and able to handle all life brings me.

– Kiki de Courcy

Feel inspired to share your own affirmation of Loving Yourself? Please write in and share it with us!

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