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Magic Path of Intuition

Awaken, you that sleep. All that you desire or require is already on your pathway, but you must be wide-awake to your good to bring it into manifestation. Affirm:

The Power within sweeps out of my mind, body, and affairs everything not divinely planned, and puts my house in order, now and forevermore!

You are still asleep

The word sweeps gives you a picture of action. This spiritual broom sweeps out all belief in lack, loss, failure, resentment, in harmony, sadness, etc. You are asleep to your good while these negative thoughts clutter your mental house. You resent someone, thereby giving that person power to harm you. You feel you are a failure, therefore missing your opportunity for brilliant success. You are overwhelmed with a feeling of loss, and that friends and prosperity have gone from your life. You are still asleep in the “dream of opposites.” Wake up and you will find a new world of health, wealth, and happiness, with every desire of your heart fulfilled.

It is brought about by your word, for your word is your wand. When in the deepest despair is the time to wave your word over the situation. Baptize every failure by saying “Success!” Never let the third dimension interfere with the fourth dimension. The third dimension is the world of adverse appearances; it is the fog most people live in. Your affirmation dissipates the fog, and the sun is out. Affirm:

The sun now comes out in my mind and body, and I see clearly the
fulfillment of my heart’s desire.

Your dreary desires are answered drearily

Your impatient desires are long delayed or violently fulfilled. You long for powers and say, “Poor me! No one ever sends me any.” One day you walk along the street and a pot of geraniums hits you on the head. These are your powers, but not under grace in a perfect way. You should have said, “I give thanks that my powers come from the Universe, under grace in a perfect way.” Then they would have been received through the right channels.

This is the law of nature: Use or lose. Hoarding and saving always lead to loss. Use what you have, and more will be added unto you. If you save for a rainy day, or in case of sickness, they are sure to come. Use money you have freely, but with wisdom, knowing your invisible supply is always at hand. Soon the law of accumulation will be set in action; abundance will pour in and pile up.

Never say, “I am broke,” as it impresses the subconscious with a picture of emptiness. The Game of Life is a game of Solitaire. As you change, so do your affairs. Affirm: I am now immune to all hurts and frustrations. The Power within is perfect peace and perfect poise.

A student once told me her mother always “made scenes” on holidays. At her sister’s home, the mother said, “I never want to dine in this house again.” Next year, she was in the hospital. The student visited, and the mother said, “God has sent me this trial, so I will bear it patiently.” The student replied, “Mother, God didn’t send you this illness; you attracted it yourself by your angry words. You said you didn’t want to dine at Hannah’s again, and here you are.” The mother replied, “Oh, let me alone. I prefer my old God who sends trials and tribulations.” The student asked her to think constructively while in the hospital—to see herself walking into Hannah’s house, well and happy. The mother did so and was well again within a few weeks, to the surprise of the doctors.

What you see with your inner eye (the imaging faculty) you meet sooner or later on the external. So see clearly your goodness, your health, your success, your happiness; and they will come to pass. Faith brings fruit.

I am often asked why it is easier to see failure than success, unhappiness than happiness. It is of our early training, which was usually negative. When good things happened, people exclaimed, “This is too good to be true.” Millions of people have neutralized their good by this attitude, for you are accountable for your “idle words.” They impress the subconscious and are carefully carried out. Affirm:

I see vividly my immediate and endless supply. It comes from a Higher Power, and all doors y open! All channels are free. I see vividly my radiant health, perfect and permanent. I see vividly my heart’s desires come to pass in the twinkling of an eye.

Do not visualize or force a picture. It will flash into your consciousness from the super-conscious. A powerful statement is: The light of lights streams through my mind, body, and affairs, revealing all in Divine order. I see clearly there are no obstacles on my pathway. I see clearly the open road of fulfillment.

Don’t sing sad songs. Your subconscious is impressed by anything you feel deeply. Your word is your wand. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen or too good to last.

From The Magic Path of Intuition, © 2013 by Florence Scovel Shinn, published by Hayhouse

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was a gifted teacher who shaped the fields of personal transformation and spiritual growth. Her practical, straightforward style empowered countless people to trust their inner knowing and overcome challenges. With an Introduction by self-help luminary Louise Hay, who credits Florence as one of her early inspirations, this simple yet poignant book can help you positively transform your life. Click here to buy →

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