The O Manuscript

Posted by Lars Muhl
27 December, 2013

As I have mentioned earlier in this book, there are no reliable sources supporting the idea that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute or specifically sinful. The town Migdal, which is supposed to be the source of her name, did not exist at the time of Yeshua. Furthermore, the tradition of giving people nicknames was not limited to the name of your home town. It was quite as common to give people a nickname relating to specific virtues, abilities or specific missions. Nicknames like The Baptist and The Magus speak for them-selves. Even Yeshua’s, The Nazarene, cannot be ascribed to the town of Nazareth, since that didn’t exist at his time either. On the contrary, his name referred to the sect Yeshua was a member of, perhaps even its leader.

Spirit of the Exalted Peace

If we do take the meaning of the name Magdalene seriously, it tells us that the bearer of that name was considered to be the Spirit of the Exalted Peace. If her name is added up in the following manner: 1 + 5 + 3 you get 9. Nine is a triad times three. It is the figure denoting completion. It denotes the beginning and the end. It is unity. Nine melts opposites together. It unites fire and water. It is expressed in the mountain and the valley. It is symbolized by the sword and the cup. It is the Foundation Stone itself.

After the disappearance of Yeshua, Mariam also had to disappear. The Church which became the foundation for Hellenistic Christianity, to which we belong, had no room for a feminine expert who, apart from her direct access to the Power, was also able to act in life in harmony with the cosmic principles. They wanted to build a patriarchal order in which the female virtues such as self-sacrifice and compassion did not find their place till several centuries later through the idealized Virgin Mary.

The aspect of the Mary archetype represented by Mary Magdalene was literally thrown out. Her vision of the integrated, sensitive human being did not fit into the patriarchs’ ideas about a holy life. That is why this aspect had to disappear.

The founder of esoteric Christianity

Mariam Magdalene arrived in France bringing all her knowledge about the cosmic principles, which is partly to be found in the Kabbalah today. This knowledge was later hidden behind the term the Holy Grail. Perhaps because Mariam was the silver cup that, according to prophecies, the Messiah from the line of David would find in the tribe of Benjamin, a secret movement sprang up following her arrival in the south of France. One of the places it showed itself was among the Cathars and their female priestesses as well as through other esoteric underground movements from which the occult life in Europe has drawn invaluable spiritual sustenance. Mariam Magdalene was the true founder of esoteric Christianity.

The decision that Yeshua was the true Christ, a decision which was made at the first synod in the year 325, was made on the basis of very few, specifically chosen, gospel sources. The Yeshua in whom most Christians now profess to believe could very well be the result of a one-sided, collective focusing of energy, which has been invested in this specific interpretation of the life and work of Yeshua. This energy, with time, has been stored in the ethereal Akasha. The energy follows the thought. And it is our thoughts, that create the reality in which we find ourselves. Thus, the Gospels do not necessarily say anything about what really happened, but more about the need of people to trust in a saviour who will take their sins upon himself. Unfortunately, this is also the secret behind the sad condition of the world. Through the preservation of this comfortable idea it has been possible for us, at a deeper level and for centuries, to live and act without taking spiritual and moral responsibility for ourselves and the proverbial neighbour. In turn, through our idea of Christ, we have created a force which is still effective and which manifests itself in the ethereal plane when called upon with sufficient intensity, in exactly the same way as the many revelations of the Virgin Mary, which are also the result of humanity’s profound need for presence, care and love. In this century a new feminine force is showing itself, a force embracing the entire human being, both body and spirit. It is the force characterized by Mary Magdalene, which for example we have seen manifested in the twentieth-century feminist movement.

A new form of energy

Mariam Magdalene is the manifestation of a new feminine form of energy coming down from above as Rukha d’koodsha, a feminine form of energy which is not limited to pure motherliness, the receptive and the neutral, which until now has been the hallmark of the universal feminine archetype.

This new form of energy has come into being as an opportunity for both men and women, because the old, patriarchal energy has had its day. This patriarchal energy has been a necessary activating factor, which, however, no longer manifests itself for the good of the human race, but solely for its own sake. It is separatist, divisive and egotistical, an earthly flame which is now dying.

The new power is inclusive, healing and altruistic. It is the carrier of the cosmic fire and the living water. It contains everything, both the masculine and the feminine, but it is more feminine than masculine.

From O Manuscript by Lars Muhl. © 2013, published in the UK by Watkins Publishing.

by Lars Muhl

The O Manuscript is a compelling account of one man s spiritual awakening, written with extraordinary energy, candour and humility. Bed-ridden and in despair, Lars Muhl was put in touch with a seer who brought him healing. Click here to buy.

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