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Posted by Cygnus Team
26 February, 2014

Star Poem

This is my poem, I say every night before sleep:

My Guardian Angel my vow to thee.
I’ll put my hand in yours and let you guide me.
Through this lifes journey, its ups and downs.
To a better love that knows no bounds.

My Guardian Angel my vow to thee.
My trust, to show me my destiny.
You know my heart, its love and pain,
Please make my wish and destiny be the same.

Marty B


Trust in the Moon

The power of the moon is strong and bright, with her mystical powers and dazzling light.
She shines on our path from the dusk until dawn; she influences our star signs from the time we are born.
The waxing, the waning guides action and retreat. A New moons beginnings and your destiny you will meet.
Never underestimate this universal force, just allow her to guide you, your journey your course.
Just a glimpse of a crescent when your worries are high, they will all disappear need not fear need not sigh.
Aim for the moon you could land in the stars, influenced by Jupiter, Venus and Mars.
If you peek in the night at the dark sky above, you will receive universal blessings of healings and love.
At the time when the moon shines her brightest and full, you can feel her energies of magnetism pull.
Just trust in these powers mysterious and strong and follow this journey, you will never go wrong.

Diane Tesque


One thing leads to another

As though to press the point home! Shortly after reading Louise’s newsletter, and noting that ‘You Matter!‘, I picked up the book ‘Your Soul’s Gift – the healing power of the life you planned before you were born‘ by Robert Schwartz [Code: 230302, £6.99]. I was up to page 497, and immediately saw the words ‘You matter. You are vitally important. It is through you, the physical self, that your soul-and by extension, the entire Universe-evolves.

And then a little later, on page 520 ‘If you ever thought yourself to be unimportant, feel in this moment the boundless gratitude of both your soul and its expressions in other lifetimes, whom you are helping to heal. You are of infinite worth and immeasurable importance, your healing radiates to the far corners of the Universe. Anything less is fiction. Anything else belies your magnificence‘.

Margaret Walker


The Answer

To all the Prayers that mankind speaks,
to every anguished plea

To all the words said silently
in hearts, on bended knee.

One answer shall reverberate
only one, so sweet and true

One answer through eternity
God’s answer, I Love you.

Teresa Edwards



I reach out to the Unseen – Here I am,
constrained by all I am, yet knowing that I AM.
There must be a reason, but it can be hard to see –
I have been loved as a daughter, a wife and a mother,
As a sister and even now and then as a friend.
And I have been a ‘no-one’ apparently!

So what is reality?

Present moments of connection to those around;
The shoots of inspiration,
the stillness of silence and yet reverberation,
of dynamism within.

I look for the beauty in all who I meet, for we are all from that same proton.
But where is compassion?
When not close to Source, we simply cease to BE,
Just actors in a play, driven by our part.
And the role is not who we are, not who I AM,
But just an experiment.

I am a soul that flies, an energy that ever expands,
I can reach to every crevice of the universe
And fleetingly caress every stone, every wave like a still breeze.
And that is who I am and who you are.

Liz Wright


Living with the holy spirit

Many years ago I was very blessed to live in a lovely house where I could sense the heavenly presence as I called it.

The holy presence could be felt in my bedroom, dining room, extending into the delightful garden – a haven of rich greenery, secluded and sacred, where one felt truly safe and lovingly nourished. I lived in perfect silence, where only the sounds of nature were most welcome. In the silence I discovered the voice of God speaking to me.

In 1983 an unexpected illness developed, of which I had no prior knowledge. Plagued by many strange symptoms I assumed that I had a flu virus which would run its course and be over with. There were days when I was unable to get out of bed due to chronic fatigue. This sporadic condition of ill-health continued and wasn’t diagnosed until five years later, when I learned I had ME from the specialist at a London Hospital. He advised that I would have to live the rest of my life like a tortoise.

As the disabling illness progressed, my inner spiritual life developed. However, as I surrendered to this strange illness that was occupying my time, in the all prevailing silence, the divine presence grew stronger – nourishing and healing my spirit.

The illness followed a cycle of feeling better in springtime and summer followed by debilitating symptoms in autumn and winter and lasted for many years.

Throughout those years, the struggle with physical pain, depression, chronic fatigue and of course financial problems was not an easy time. However the divine presence would settle upon me time and time again, never far away. How blessed I was to be living and breathing in this heavenly presence, supporting me in the very fabric of the place I called home, for which I shall always be grateful. My special home, where suffering, healing and the presence of God lived under one roof.

Paula Castanyo



Write about whatever inspires you. If you have an insight, experience or poem, please write it down in not more than 250 words
(or, if it is a poem, in not more than 24 lines) and send it by post or email. If you send it by email, to, please include ‘Chat Page’ in the subject line, dropping your text into the body of the email.


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