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Deepak Chopra on 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Don’t you just love synchronicity? I thought it might be a good idea if, this week, we look together at ways to boost the immune … and here I am, on the day I set aside for writing to you, feeling horrid from yet another case of sinusitis. My son has brought home more colds than I can remember from school this winter, each one lingering with me, in my sinuses.

Healing self-acceptance

As I lay in bed last night, waiting for sleep to come, I realised just how focused I’d become on my painful symptoms. I was literally wearing the feeling as tension in my face. Having slipped into victim mode, I had all these negative thoughts and emotions defensively driven inwards at the germs invading my body. It was at this point I thought how poorly I’d cope if I approached a more serious illness with this sort of resentment. I was humbled to think of dear friends who are currently dealing with real health challenges, like Ann the co-founder of Cygnus Books who both astonishes and inspires me with the strength and grace in which she lives with cancer – this led me to reset my frame of mind and retune the vibrations I was sending through my body. I remembered the healing approaches taught by¬†Brandon Bays,¬†Caroline Myss¬†and¬†Louise Hay¬†and, reaching a genuine acceptance of my body, runny nose and all, I fell asleep washed over with a feeling of unconditional self-love.

Not giving in

Acceptance is not to be confused with giving in and this morning I decided to find a good game plan. I’ve been reading a lot of¬†Deepak Chopra¬†again recently so I thought I’d check out what he has to recommend for boosting the immune system; here’s his list of five things we can do:

1) Get enough sleep

Make sure that you have a good night sleep because it‚Äôs during your sleep that your immune system builds up but don’t sleep with alcohol or sleeping pills in your system.

Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Sleep‘ is my go to solution when I have difficulty sleeping and I urge anyone to try the methods in this book and the accompanying hypnosis CD before turning to things like sleeping pills, many of which have potentially harmful side effects.

2) Fresh food

Don’t eat anything that comes out of a can or has a label eat fresh food.

The very fact you’re reading a Cygnus Books newsletter suggests that you already have a good idea of which foods are good for you but I bet there’s still a whole lot things each of us could learn and benefit from within the vast collection of carefully selected books Cygnus have about¬†food and nutrition. Remember – knowledge is power!

3) Multi vitamins

‘Take 2 multi vitamins a day any brand because these days nobody’s getting the full supply of micro-nutrients.’

Sam at Cygnus has just recommended that I try some of the supplements they sell which he explained are a superior product for the immune system. I happen to know just how much the Napier family, in particular Sam’s brother John, have researched and tested natural medicines and theirs is the very first recommendation I would follow. I’m going to order the¬†Two-per-day Multi-Vitamins¬†for keeping the bugs at bay and most importantly the¬†Super Booster¬†because these types of supplements help you get back on track if you’ve had an infection and are an especially good idea if you’ve had to take antibiotics.

4) Keep active

Get twenty minutes brisk walking a day.

Meditation in the Wild and The Art of Mindful Walking: Meditations on the Path beautifully combines this step with the next and, for this week only Cygnus Books are offering the two together at the special combined price of £11.99 which gives us 20% off.

5) Meditate

Even if you only do it for five to ten minutes a day.

I actually read recently about how meditation increases antibodies which of course help strengthen the immune system. Apparently, while we meditate we increase electrical activity in the left side of our brains – this being the part that controls our emotions and immune system. And we all know what alleviation meditation is from stress, one of the immune system’s greatest adversaries. For extra potency, top it off with some¬†Solfeggio music¬†–¬†frequencies known to help bring our bodies, cells and DNA back into resonance and health.

So, there we have it, Deepak tells us that if we do just these five things we will have a boosted immune system.

Wishing you health and happiness.

One love,


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