How to Find Peace with Your Mind

Posted by Sandy C. Newbigging
26 February, 2014

How do you know you have a mind? You are aware of it, right? By that rationale, within you now exists a mind and something that is aware of your mind. Mind Calm is about becoming much more interested in, and attentive to, the conscious awareness that is aware of your mind, instead of going to any great lengths to fix, change, manage, manipulate or improve it.

Mind Calm gives you a new relationship with your Self, which can be the determining factor in whether you experience what can be described as a hellish life, full of stress, struggle and suffering, or quite literally nirvana now.

Knowing and directly experiencing the conscious awareness that is present within you is the silent solution to any stressful situation that you may be facing and the secret to enjoying a truly successful life; free from fear, problems and limitations. By solution I don’t mean an answer that comes from clever or positive thinking but a way out of the box of the thinking mind altogether.

The peace of mind myth

‘Peace of mind’ is perhaps one of the most confusing terms in spirituality today. Mainly because of all the unhelpful images that it conjures up in most people’s minds – often including robe clad monks sitting in full lotus position with a serene look upon their faces. Why so serene? Mainly because they have achieved an empty mind, void of thoughts or emotions. This makes peace of mind for many living busy lives in today’s modern techno-deadline-driven world, an out of reach pipe dream at best.

Ever wish you could stop your mind from working overtime? It has been said that the average person has as many as 100,000 thoughts every day. That’s a lot of thoughts! Also, based upon what I’ve observed teaching meditation around the globe, I would say it is an underestimation to suggest that at least half of these thoughts are of a negative nature. These figures make any attempt to master ‘positive thinking’ by only having positive thoughts a monumental task.

Peace is aware of your mind

Conscious awareness is still, silent, spacious, peace-filled presence; it is not otherworldly, but as real as you can get. Consciousness is the calm context of every thought, feeling, action and circumstance in your life – whether they appear to be positive or negative. Full of potential, creativity, happiness, and grace, getting to know the conscious awareness residing within you offers the ultimate love affair – oneness with your Self.

However, out of habit most people put most of their attention on what they are aware of, instead of the consciousness that’s aware. In doing so, with all of their attention on their mind, body and life, they miss the still silent spacious consciousness – that is inherently peace-filled. This means is they never get to enjoy the calm consciousness that lives within them – always.

The peace with mind miracle

What this ultimately means is quite remarkable. Due to the fact that your conscious awareness is already inherently still, silent and peaceful, you don’t need to stop your thoughts and emotions in order to experience peace. Instead, all you need to do is learn how to be at peace with your mind, by placing your attention upon the aspect of your Self that is aware. This goal is possible for anyone who is willing to play with a new way of relating to their thoughts and emotions.

Rediscovering the inner reservoir of calm residing within your conscious awareness – always – transforms your relationship with your thoughts, emotions, body and life. No longer needing to work so hard to perfect your mind, emotions and external circumstances, you become at peace with who you are and how life is.

Mind calm meditation

Mind Calm is a simple, easy and enjoyable modern-day meditation technique for being consciously aware in life. ‘CALM’ stands for ‘Conscious Awareness Life Meditation’, and it is a way to meditate that does exactly what the name suggests. Through meditation with your eyes open and closed, you can become more consciously aware during daily life and as a result, see and experience life from a more calm and self-aware perspective.

You have front-row seats at this glorious gift and adventure called your life. It is time to say ‘bring it on’ and welcome whatever happens with a wide-open heart, a healthier relationship with your mind and with the deep life-changing knowing that, although life can have its ups and downs, you are free to rise above any challenge by resting within the calm consciousness that lives within you – always.

© 2014 Sandy C. Newbigging.

Sandy’s new book called Mind Calm is published by Hay House. To watch a video of Sandy teaching the first step of Mind Calm, visit

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