Connect with the energy of the Divine Mother

Posted by Cygnus Team
25 March, 2014

How will you celebrate Mothering Sunday? It’s a good opportunity to celebrate the mother energy within our lives and within ourselves. Yes Hallmark are cashing in on this month of birth, fertility and motherhood and this Sunday is their cherry on top but we don’t have to buy into the consumerism when there are far more exquisite ways to celebrate. Ways that warm the soul and remind us of an unlimited source of unconditional love.

From the Heart

Take this moment, if you will, to quietly reflect upon the mother energy in your life. Call to mind the image of your mother, or maybe you prefer to focus your thoughts and your heart towards someone else who represents a mother’s nurturing to you – it might be another older relative, a dear friend, even a pet or the Universal Goddess energy of loving creation. My yoga teacher once shared a principle with her class that those who have a difficult, or even non existent, relationship with their mothers are drawn instinctively to the spirit of Mother Earth within nature which in turn develops a greater awareness of, and profound relationship with, the Mother energy within. Indeed we do, each of us, have a Mother energy within that can bring us to a deeper sense of nurturing, pure acceptance and self love.

Natural Beauty

Modern life has an unavoidable way of distracting us from that nurturing consciousness which tells us that we are perfect, and precious, just the way we are. But I think the mass involvement in the recent ‘no-makeup-selfies’ campaign is an indicator that we’re waking up to it. The marketing gimick for ‘Cancer Research’ involves women taking a photograph of themselves (‘a selfie’) and then posting it to their Facebook or Twitter walls with a message to donate by texting the word ‘BEAT’ to 70099. I’m not necessarily applauding the craze that’s caught on like wildfire since last Tuesday; it’s certainly received a mixed response and is undeniably not in the slightest representative of what women, or anyone, going through cancer has to face. But one thing’s for sure and that’s the readiness for women to join in collaborative action… no it’s more than that, it’s a collaborative honour and love of our true colours.

Beautiful like a rainbow

Hundreds of thousands of the ‘BEAT’ donation texts have been sent since the ‘no-make-up-selfies’ took off which gives us an idea of how many of those photos have been posted! While I hope that charity support is the driving intention behind all these posts, I do maintain that there is more to it – that it’s a response to that innate calling to let our true colours shine through. So many women feel a pressure to hide the blemishes, to make ourselves look perfect, to be perfect and men too are weighed down by social expectations. But maybe we’re starting to remember what our mothers told us, or to listen to the mother within affirming that yes we were in fact ‘born with it’ … we already are perfect. This is true beauty and how elated I feel to look at my fellow sisters out there and see beyond the makeup to their true colours. Big kudos to the men who are encouraging this, too!

True Colours by Cyndi Lauper

That’s why I love you

This unconditional love goes out to everyone – women, men and children. Let this Sunday be a waking of the mother energy within ourselves and a celebration of each other. Let the gift be fond acceptance with an expressed encouragement to let them show, our true colours that are beautiful like a rainbow.


One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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