Happy Spring Equinox! How will you celebrate?

Posted by Cygnus Team
18 March, 2014

Are you feeling the buzz of vital energy heralding the arrival of spring? It’s potent stuff! The birds are doing it, the bees are doing it … even educated fleas are doing it! And while they’re all doing it, the trees are already starting to blossom with young, blushing petals and butterflies are performing their graceful dance to birdsong that swells to crescendo. Have you listened to the dawn chorus lately? There’s a growing orchestra out there! And what’s all that ruckus about? Life! It’s a celebration! And it’s contagious!       Listen to the dawn chorus

Lets Fall in Love

That sense of celebration can put a renewed drive into everything we do. The energy of creation, fertility, passion is exactly what we need to shake us up and keep us moving. When we want to ‘get stuff done’, focus can lean towards logicising and planning – although that necessity is a given, now is the time to unfurl our wings and dance! We know in our hearts that, in order for our ambitions to bear fruit we need to do a little of what nature is doing … we need to fall in love with them.

Playing with Self Expression

A great way to get your passions and creative energy flowing is through self expression. Go with whichever medium feels right to you, whatever you enjoy. Remember it’s not about being ‘good at it’, there’s no right or wrong way, just go with the moment. Writing is a great example. A blank page is an invitation to come out to play in new worlds where we can make manifest all our hearts desire.

Writing to Wake the Soul is based on the transformative power of words and Cygnus Books happen to have it at a reduced price right now. We usually charge £11.99 which is already a big saving on the RRP of £16.99 but until midnight, 25th March 2014, it’s available for £10 only.

Too Blooming Right

It’s funny because when you lighten up that little bit, when you worry less and live more, intuition zings back to life and you remember that wonderful thing called synchronicity … that’s when you start to notice the signposts leading you to places that spreadsheets never could.

So, I guess that’s my message to you this Equinox … have fun! Remember why you’re doing what you do and let joy bring your intention to life. Balance that common sense out with some va-va-voom, turn the music up, open the windows, let the life in! The nights will start making way for more light now, maybe we should do the same.

Wishing you a wonderful Spring Equinox this Thursday!

One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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