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Love from Heaven

Lorna Byrne

We are all pure love. But most of us have locked away this love within ourselves and don’t let it out. This love remains there, though. We can lock love away but we cannot destroy it, and we always have the potential to release it. We release it by learning to love ourselves again first. If we are unable to love ourselves, we are unable to love another.

At the heart of all is love

Love is the most powerful force in the world; it comes from heaven, from our soul. It’s love that brings all the joy and happiness into our lives; it’s love that helps to steer us in the right direction and drives us forward, regardless of what is going on in our lives; it’s love that makes living worthwhile.

Ever since I was a young child, the angels have been teaching me about love and helping me to see the force of love physically.

I see angels all the time. I cannot remember any time when I have not seen them. From the very moment I opened my eyes after I was born they were there – even though I did not know they were angels. I still see them as clearly as I see my daughter sitting across the dinner table from me. There has never been a day when I haven’t seen angels. I also see the force of love physically, but this is the first time I have written about it.

You are born knowing only love

All new born babies are pure love. They feel complete love for themselves and know they are perfect, lovable and unique. Yet from the first months of a baby’s life I see this glow of love fade, and from the age of ten most people – and I mean more than nine out of ten – have locked away a significant proportion of their love from themselves and others.

God does not allow us to destroy, lose or diminish love. But we can lock much of it away, as if we have put it in a cage and thrown away the key.

This love never disappears, though and you have the choice to release it. You can choose to allow yourself to feel it. Doing so will help you to stop destroying yourself and others. It will make your life happier and more fulfilled. If you can love yourself more, you will be able to love others more and you will be more truly yourself.

Listen for your angel

Your guardian angel can help you to become more aware of the love you have shut away. Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally. It never judges you, and sees you as perfect in every way. Ask it to help you to see yourself the way it sees you. Ask it to keep reminding you particularly when you start to judge or find fault with yourself. So many of us are good at thinking negative thoughts about ourselves, and think few loving thoughts. If anyone has ever told you that you shouldn’t love or value yourself, you should discard this thought – throw it away. When we think loving thoughts about ourselves, we release more love that showers us and makes us more happy and confident; when we think negative or critical thoughts, we do exactly the opposite.

Love yourself – you are beautiful

I remember a girl who came to see me many years ago. She was very unhappy and didn’t love herself at all. She told me that she felt ugly and hated her appearance. Her guardian angel stood beside her and just said to me, ‘Tell her what you see, Lorna.’

I did; I told her what beautiful eyes she had, and what a beautiful smile. I told her how pretty she was – and she was.

I knew, though, that she was having great difficulty in believing me. Her guardian angel told me to ask her whether she liked flowers. She told me she loved them, and that daffodils were her favourite. Her guardian angel then told me to tell her that she should look at herself in the same way as she looked at a daffodil. I did as I was told.

About a year later she came to see me and I could instantly see that she had changed. I could see the force of love wafting from her, and turning and coming back, gently showering her with the love that was coming from within. She was much more happy and confident in herself. She told me that each time she thought of her looks in a negative way she would think of the beauty and perfection of a daffodil. She told me that she had put a picture of a daffodil in the corner of her mirror to help her remember. She was so grateful, saying that she didn’t think she would be still be here without me. I told her it wasn’t me – it was that she had listened to her guardian angel and had taken the steps she needed to learn to love herself again.

Be a beacon of love

The angels have told me that we can all learn to love ourselves more and if we do so there will be more love in our world. This is why I have written this book.

© 2014 Lorna Byrne  

Lorna Byrne’s new book Love from Heaven will be available from Cygnus from Tuesday 1st April 2014

Love from heaven

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