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Venus – A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel by Diana Cooper

Dana Cooper

Like most people and their beloved pets, Venus, my dog, and I have incarnated together many times.  Our most significant life was in Atlantis when we worked in the healing temples together.  Venus used to check the position of the crystals and help to hold the energy.  When we have a ceremony here she does the same thing now.  I was astonished the first time this happened.  Someone lay on the floor and she immediately went across to him and aligned herself perfectly above his head.

With divine exactitude our cat, Ash-ting, was also with us in Atlantis.  He too knows what to do.  He places himself strategically in the room and carefully watches the energy.  Venus and Ash-ting clearly know how to work together.   They also listen to their angels who guide and advise them.


If anyone feels sad or needs comfort Venus knows immediately and will sit by their feet, curl up on their lap or if there is room, stretch out on their chair beside them.  When she was a very small puppy a lady in a wheelchair passed us in the street.  We had never seen her before but when we stopped to talk to her Venus made a heroic leap onto her knee.  I swear she looked ten years younger when we parted, her face wreathed in a beaming smile.


Lots of animals are healers.  Most people have stories to tell of cats and dogs who have helped humans feel better and Venus taught me that animals also heal and comfort each other.  When the family was staying on bonfire night we lit a few fireworks in the garden including a noisy one.  That was a terrible thing to do and Venus would only accept comfort from the kitten. In this extract Venus tells the story in her own words.


‘It is very quiet and peaceful until an adult says words that wake me up and are etched on my heart, ‘Let’s light the rockets.’

‘A rocket! What’s that?’

Mum tries to persuade me to go inside with the small grandchildren but I want to stay with her and I can be very determined when I want to be.  So I sit there, waiting with interest to find out what a rocket is.   An adult lights this stick thing and suddenly there is this tremendous whooshing noise which nearly drives me insane, then coloured lights cascade down from the sky on top of us and finally a bomb goes off.

I go berserk and Mum tries to catch me.  At last she manages to force me indoors where the babies are crying because of all the noise.  That was really very scary and I refuse to have anything to do with Mum after she did that to me.  I lie in my basket and tremble.  Thankfully my best friend Ash-ting climbs onto me, spreads himself right over me and cuddles me until at last I relax.  I will never call him a pesky kitten again.’

venus and ashting curled up

In turn Venus looks after Ash-ting.  When she was just a seventeen month puppy she fussed anxiously over him as if she was his mother.  I love this phase of her life with all her valiant efforts to keep her kitten safe.


“September 7

That pesky kitten keeps trying to get out of the garden and he’s much too small to go wandering like that.  I am doing my best to keep an eye on him but he disappears in a flash.  He nearly succeeds this afternoon but when he reaches the side gate that leads to the road, I lift him by the scruff of the neck and carry him back to Mum.  He meows loudly, complaining that I’m being a control freak.  Oh it is such a responsibility to look after a baby.”


Venus is a Jackapap, a cross between a feisty Jack Russell and a delicate nervous Papillon.  She has all the arrogance of a cheeky puppy, yet is funny, loving and adorable.  She is very jealous of any attention bestowed on the kitten and then she and Ash-ting cuddle up together in total amity. Venus is very psychic and has a great connection to the angels and elementals.  She receives constant guidance from them.  This is one conversation she had with her angels after we had talked to a lady who had found a starving abandoned Parsons Jack Russell in her garden.


‘When humans pray for animals or ask us to help them we can and do help.  For instance do you remember that Parsons Jack Russell you have just seen?’

I nod.

‘A stream of prayer went up for us to help the animals and we used some of the energy to direct that desperate dog to his new owner for we knew she would care for it.’  I find myself smiling and wag my tail with hope.  ‘No prayer is ever wasted, you know,’ my angel reminds me.’


In her diary Venus records fascinating information that she learns from the angels about birds, animals, insects and people.  But mostly she interacts with her Mum and weaves in our challenges but above all our love for each other.

Diana Cooper


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