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    Posted by Sam Napier
    11 April, 2014

    Dear Friends,

    Cygnus Books is one of the safe and secure websites from the vulnerability alert affecting a large number of websites globally at the moment.

    You may have heard in the news recently about a major security bug, called Heartbleed, discovered in a commonly used encryption library, OpenSSL and how it’s affected many major sites like Google, Amazon Web Services & Facebook (you can keep up-to-date with major affected websites here) that use it to secure your data. I am relieved and happy to tell you that we are unaffected by this security flaw as we use a different encryption library to safe guard your data, so shopping with us remains safe and secure.

    You can verify this for yourself here along with checking other websites you have accounts with. It is important however that if you use the same password with us elsewhere, that you change it immediately incase the other websites are compromised and then change it on those websites only once the flaw as been fixed.

    A few password tips

    • 1. Always use a unique password.

    2. Create long passwords, over 9 characters. Password strength rises exponentially with character length.

    • 3. Use a mix of lower and uppercase characters, symbols and numbers.
    • 4. Mix languages or even avoid dictionary based words entirely.

    Of course a password is not much use if you can’t remember it by following all the advice above and creating a password like caRiadbu3nopOe7!e so here are a few tips to make a secure password easier to remember:

    • 1. Use a password manager like LastPass to remember all your unique passwords for you.
    • 2. Split your password into two parts, one part that is unique like the above and a second part which you add to all your passwords, is easy for you to remember and you never share or write down.
    • 3. Create memorable sentences with unusual grammar like Yoda or Shakespeare.


    I hope you find the above information helpful and shop safely on with a gift from us, quote BeingSafe for a £2 discount at checkout (valid till Sunday 13th midnight GMT).

    Much love and gratitude,

    Sam Napier
    Cygnus Books

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