Call on Your Angels

Posted by Claire Nahmad
24 April, 2014

Many years have gone by since I wrote my first book on angels – Summoning Angels – of which Call On Your Angels is a new edition. When the book was first released, angels were a hot topic and were all the rage. Recently, there has been a sudden sharp decline in their ‘popularity’. Can our focus really be turning away from angels? I asked my angel friends to answer this question.

The first point they made was that angels are not exterior to us. It seemed a statement of the obvious, but the human mind is a tricksy thing. It likes to detach and observe, and to dominate its subject. The mind plays its part in perceiving angels, of course, but its proper role is that of a diffident gatekeeper who unlocks the gates of perception and, having opened them, retires quietly into the background as the soul advances deeper into the mystical reality where we commune with angels.

An illustration of this is regularly provided to me by my guardian angel, who makes her presence known to me at night, usually just as I settle down to sleep. I see her colours and her form swirl around me above the bed, seeming to fill the entire room. Her several hues gradually become more luminous and beautiful, as though I’m watching her through supernaturally clear and magnifying water.

Yet I am seeing her with my physical eyes. I can observe her very vividly, almost as if I were watching some rare creature in the wild. But if I close my eyes, I continue to see her just as clearly!

And whereas, when my eyes are open, I can follow her movements and marvel at the purity and radiant depth of her colours, when my eyes are closed, I can see or sense a great vista stretching beyond those swirling colours that pulsate like living jewels within and around her form. It is like a vast trackway, with height and depth and movement, which trembles and suspires with mystery. I want to set out on that trackway – but the experience moves beyond my everyday mind and I always fall asleep at that point.

Dwellers within our being

I think my nightly experience with my guardian angel is showing me that, although we can perceive angels with our material, earthly mind, angels are not material or earthly. They are dwellers within our deeper being, where we are most intimately connected to the Divine.

I do not believe that we are moving away from the angels, for there is no principle or essence within us that is not brought into being and fostered by angelic nurture as a gift and a service to us from our angel brethren. This is a knowledge which we have begun truly to recognise and embrace.

Rather than moving away from them, the angels are telling me that our relationship with them is about to enter a deeper, richer, more potent phase. For a time, we will cease to seek them so much through the mind. Instead, our spirit will reach out to them unaided – or unobstructed – by mental constructs. Simultaneously, more and more, our senses, bypassing the narrow straits of the dominant mind, will begin to be stimulated by and respond to angelic presence and all the sacredness it enshrines.

Hearing angelic voices

Lately, I have begun to hear angelic voices. I have always heard angels, but they spoke through the voice of intuition within me. Now, I actually hear their words, as if with my auditory senses, although I always know that the voices are interior. Sometimes they are musical and fluidly resonant with beautiful echoes, as if they rose from a well.

When we have trained our collective mind to act in true humility and to give up its cherished imperative to colonise and take over, the angels will return to our focus in full force to companion each one of us in every way, both visibly and invisibly. I am certain that there will come a time when angels will walk with us here on Earth, and it will be as absurd to deny their reality as it would be for people to say that they didn’t believe in music or sunlight, or that the stars shone in the sky at night.

And here is a thought. The angels are asking us to anticipate that time, to think often of how wonderful and magical it will be, of how our days and our hearts will be filled with heaven, even as if we were almost living it right here, right now. It will hasten the day, they say. Even though we will have to use the vehicle of mental constructs to do so, they will be receptacles brimming over with the golden divine power of imagination, of the image-making power of God.

Claire Nahmad © 2014


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