Posted by William Bloom
24 April, 2014

Spring brings fresh energy, excitement and sometimes stormy waters. Here in the Cygnus family we seem to be in the middle of a perfect storm. We did not want to burden the Cygnus community with our challenges, but it has reached a stage where we are all sure that you will want to know what is happening.

Our beautiful Ann’s health is fragile. The cancer was put on hold but then there was the most extraordinary home disaster. Some leaking sewage created biological spores, aspergillus amongst other harmful spores. The whole family was badly affected. These events may have triggered the minor strokes in Ann that she’s had since January. So while the cancer is largely in regression these complications have taken their toll on Ann’s reserves and she is frail. Frail but in wonderful spirits! There is a lot of love.

In the meantime of course the digital world and Amazon are taking over the book world and Cygnus’ financial turnover has been declining.

So here is a plea from our hearts. In the long term we are dedicated to maintaining and developing the Cygnus community. We are a great family – a book club and a group of souls dedicated to love and nature and the healing of all life. We realise that Cygnus needs to evolve so as to create new services and income streams, and must take true advantage of all the new internet technology. In a few months time we shall begin to share our plans with you and actively ask for your engagement in creating our future.

In the short term you help us immensely by choosing to buy books from us and joining our supporters’ scheme, which as more and more of you join helps us improve ever swifter.

So trusting in all that is good and beautiful we wish you all much love and many blessings.

William Bloom



Completely love Cygnus Books, bringing love and light into the world. All blessings’ CB

‘Thank heavens there are still a few print magazines left for those of us like to relax in an overstuffed armchair and underline what is of interest. Keep it up Cygnus!’ JM

‘Cygnus books is the best aesthetically run bookseller I know for self-help and spiritually enlightened books offered at bargain prices – please support their caring business. Namaste’ LT

‘I have been buying from you for a while and will continue to do so. I usually ring in my order and it is always refreshing to have a lovely polite and happy person speak with me! Happy days. Namaste xxx’ RW

‘I love Cygnus Books, can’t wait for the magazine to come every month!!’ BE

‘Being a member of Cygnus helps me feel so connected to the web of life: wonderful books to inspire and the sense that even though we are remote here in the Outer Hebrides, we are not remote from the essence of life. Thank you all at Cygnus for your support, and other members for your sharing.’ KM

‘I love this team of beautiful souls. The wealth of books, workshops…articles always inspire me. A HUGE thank you. I highly recommend joining them on their magical/transformative journey.’ LCW

‘Cygnus are great, and really nice people.’ JV

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