The Healing Power of Beltaine

Posted by Louisa
8 May, 2014

Following May Day, last Thursday, you may have been experiencing a peaceful sense of acceptance and relief. Maybe a weight that you didn’t even notice you were carrying has been lifted and you suddenly feel lighter.


Sacred union

May Day, otherwise known as Beltaine (or Calon Mai here in Wales) heralds the union of the Goddess and the God and all the associated harmony and abundance. It is a time when the male and female celebrate one another. Differences, that might unwittingly be experienced as irritations and friction from time to time, are revealed in a new light as the summer sun approaches. There are always going to be differences between loved ones, family members, friends … people in general! We even have conflicting aspects of ourselves that we sometimes try to deny or  repress. In the energy of unconditional love buzzing to the tune of nature’s cycle, our hearts are influenced to a good measure of empathy and attraction.


Opposites attract

It’s a natural fact so rather than fight against it, lets just go with it. Right now is the prime moment for forgiveness and acceptance. Love isn’t really blind, true love makes you take a step back to look at the whole picture of the person who stands before you, to see their perfect imperfections. You see we’re all beautiful in our imperfection; our vulnerability is measured with brilliant potential and unique magnificence – when we honour this, relationships are closer, there is more harmony and proactivity in the workplace, children blossom and there is more peace in our lives.


Here are some ways to tap into the energy of the May celebrations:


Walk among the Hawthorn

The beauty of the contrasts is flaunted by the iconic symbol of the May Queen. Her delicate blossoms of white and pink, like a blushing bride, bloom upon on a tree of thorns. This tree grows strong on the wild moors and the coast – shaped by the winds, leaning but firm in the soil. Take the time to appreciate this balance every time you see a Hawthorn tree and you will habitually begin to appreciate the balance of opposites in your life.



There are certain crystals and gemstones with healing qualities that will gently help inspire mildness and tolerance in us. In Crystals for Love and Relationships, Cassandra Eason guides us on their natural energies, formed over millions of years and I’ve picked out a few, from her book, that will help us here:


Gentle love – Jade and Rose Quartz

Acceptance – Aegerine

Empathy – Ocean Jasper

Spiritual love – Angelite

Unconditional love – Prehnite


Tell people what you like about them

It’s a very common thing to displace our own insecurities onto others, particularly those we live with, and to blame their way of doing things for feelings that we don’t like and don’t want to face. It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of picking them up on their ways but it’s possible to turn that into something positive. Next time you feel the urge to pick someone up on what their doing, stop and think of something they do that you like and about what their uniqueness has to offer the situation. Instead of putting them down, which is something none of us want to do, tell them what it is we like about their uniqueness. This works on ourselves too! The more we look out for the good in our differences and appreciate each others unique talents, and our own, the more we will learn from each other and make amazing things happen.


Make lists

Do you ever dwell on what’s gone wrong through the day? Do you regret having said or done something that others might not agree with? Do you resent others for the way they’ve done something? It doesn’t help to end the day on those thoughts so when you’re going to bed, make a list of positive, reassuring thoughts to replace them with.

Write a list of three ways that the contrasts between you and someone else have complimented each other or helped a situation today. You’d be surprised and might just find that you’ll worry less about doing things differently. You might have to think really hard to begin with but the more you do this you’ll even start noticing examples as they happen.


Beautiful video about tolerance

I want to share this very poignant video with you which illustrates, in such a moving way, the importance of celebrating each others ‘silly’ ways.

One love,


Louisa and the Cygnus team

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