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The Angels of Atlantis: With Stewart Pearce

In this free podcast listen to author Stewart Pearce speak about his book The Angels of Atlantis. 

Based on the teachings of the twelve archangels of Atlantis, this book reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. Mystery surrounds the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and much has been forgotten or turned to myth. Now, says Stewart Pearce, a time has come when the twelve Angels of Atlantis will once again help to shape human fortune. 

In this podcast you will hear Stewart Pearce speak about:

  • How the angels first made contact with Stewart;
  • The different epochs of the civilisation of Atlantis;
  • The importance of the number twelve in this time period;
  • How we are in the third great wave of contact with angels;
  • How these twelve angels are active on the earth-plane now;
  • How to sense the presence of angels;
  • How angels work through sound and colour to facilitate healing and miracles.

Stewart Pearce trained as an Actor/Teacher specializing in Voice & Theatre Studies. He worked as a voice coach and was for some years resident master of voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Stewart Pearce is the author of five books including The Angels of Atlantis.¬†He has also created two oracle card sets and sonic meditations CD’s.

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