Earth Blessings

Posted by Judy Hall
5 June, 2014

Our world is undergoing a metamorphosis. We can see from floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, changes in weather patterns and pollution disasters that our Earth is restless and in distress. Not to mention the political upheavals that blight humanity. However, the Earth has given us tools. Some amazing high-vibration crystals have made themselves known to assist with earth healing and personal consciousness-raising. Other crystals have been around for millennia but still do a sterling job of restoring the environment and the earth beneath our feet to optimum energetic functioning. One of the most profound ways in which you can help our planet is to work on yourself, to create your own inner stable core. Judy’s Jasper, my ‘Eye of the Storm’ stone, (for details see or facilitates that process and is incredible for creating a quiet calm space internally or externally.

I believe that if we focus our energy on cooperative personal and earth healing, all supporting each other, we can create a shift of consciousness that really does open us up to a new reality here on Earth. And the planet can settle down with a realigned matrix and a peaceful core. Everyone can contribute to this process. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced crystal worker or just beginning. We are all part of the solution.

So how do we do it?

Well, naturally, I turn to my crystals. After all they are the fruits of the Earth, created deep inside her body. In Earth Blessings I’ve included my own personal favourites and how I’ve used them. But I would urge you to develop your intuition and let the crystals speak to you. Open your palm chakras, meditate quietly with a crystal before using it, allow it to communicate through your body (sensing the energy) or your mind (direct communication). Don’t be afraid to experiment with layouts, try different shapes and crystal combinations and learn to feel the energies that are generated. Use your feet or hands to sense the direction in which energy flows, and where it is blocked – and experience how placing a crystal unlocks it. It’s my belief that this synergy of energy – your focused intention, earth energy and the crystal’s resonance – is what creates the most effective form of healing. But here are some practical activities you can try, or follow the layouts in Earth Blessings.

Stabilising the energies

Place a chunk of suitable crystal – Eye of the Storm, Flint, Smoky Quartz, Aragonite, for instance – in an area of earth disturbance, ask it to purify and stabilise the energies and leave it to do its work. Cleanse it periodically with fresh spring water and, preferably, a proprietary crystal cleanser such as Clear2Light.

Five minute daily earth healing exercise

Open your palm chakras and hold a piece of Selenite or Eye of the Storm. Imagine you are holding Mother Earth and that the Selenite is filling the whole Earth with white light or the Eye of the Storm with calm blessing light. Once it is filled with light, see the Earth’s matrix grid lighting up and visualise a strong protective shield around the outer edges of the Earth’s biomagnetic field.

Getting to know your local sacred site

If you don’t already know, ascertain where your nearest local sacred site is. This may not be immediately obvious. Natural features such as caves, groves of trees, rocky outcrops, pools, places that make your feet tingle and your hair stand on end are all possibilities. As are structures built on ancient mounds or the foundations of much older temples. Even in a city you can find sacred space. Choose a site and make it your own. Once you have found your site, tend it energetically. Spend time there. Meditate in it. Ascertain whether its guardian is still in residence. Take your crystals for a ‘getting to know you’session before laying out a sunburst grid – lines radiating out from a central stone – to activate the energies. Tending small local sites in this way contributes to the energetic health of the overall whole.

©  2013 Judy Hall


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