Posted by Cygnus Team
30 June, 2014

Dear Friends,
Through the window of this page it’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time. My name is Sam and I am the younger of Ann & Geoff’s two sons. For a few years now I have been in the background supporting my mother on the production of the Cygnus Magazine; however, since January, to allow my mother to focus on her healing I have taken over all of her editorial responsibilities. The time feels right, to now step into the light.

A hidden meaning behind our June cover image

Did you wonder what the deeper meaning was to the choice of cover image for our June issue? Why the Lotus? For its beauty or its association with meditation? I’ve been thinking a lot about what Cygnus means to me and my perception of it over recent months as I’ve taken over my mother’s editorial duties.
It feels important that I question my understanding of what Cygnus’ purpose is. After all, for our purpose to have meaning, our actions and choices should be firmly rooted in the value you seek and need, shaping each magazine we produce with my hands guiding the editing and design to form a treasure effective in supporting our lives’ transitions and transformations, big and small.

The lotus flower

So what does a lotus flower have to do with the shape of Cygnus? Well, in the heart of the lotus I saw my mother, producing the nectar, this magazine, with which to draw you close. Yet a flower is made up of more than just a sweet centre: surrounding and fulfilling an equally important role are the petals of a lotus flower. Not just one but several overlapping petals with each layer founded on the layer before, all working to support the flower’s growth and increasing their attraction from greater distance. In each of those petals, pointing in different directions, I see expressed one of our magazine topics of interest: spirituality, health & wellbeing, personal growth and so on. In each increasing layer of petals I see Cygnus maturing, with those topics branching out into more petals of smaller size and in that I see part of the future evolution of Cygnus and the retirement plan for my parents, Ann & Geoff. By assigning editors/contributors to each of those top level topics that you respect and trust, the lotus flower of Cygnus can bloom in sunlight refreshed in a new budding generation.
With Summer in bloom, Nature is providing a font of inspiration in fruitful supply. Join me in seeking out the sunshine and let Nature show us the way.

Warmest wishes,
Sam Napier


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