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The Celtic Chakras: With Elen Sentier

This is a free podcast with author Elen Sentier on her book The Celtic Chakras

The Celtic Chakras. We’ve largely forgotten our ancient Celtic chakra heritage, indeed some people think there is no concept of chakras in the western tradition but this is not the case. The chakras are found throughout the mystery traditions all over the world, well known to our hunter-gather ancestors and the spirit keepers who led them. They are hidden deep in the ancient stories and myths of Britain. This book leads you through the lore of Arianrhod and her Spinning Towers, the riddling Gaelic poem The Cauldrons of Poesy, the rainbow bridge of Brighid and the ways and caers of the ancient British reindeer goddess, Elen of the Ways. There are journeys, meditations and exercises to help you get the feel of the Celtic chakra system into your bones. In this interview hear Elen speak on:

  • *What are our old templates and how do they unconsciously drive us?
  • *What are the Celtic chakras?
  • *The old stories Elen uses as references for her work,
  • *The story of Elen of the Ways,
  • *The Goddess Arainrhod
  • *The story of Ceridwin and Taliesin,
  • *How do we¬†journey along the spiral path?

Elen Sentier is a spirit keeper and storyteller from a long family lineage in the British native tradition. She spent much of her childhood with family in the wilds of Dartmoor and Exmoor learning the old ways. She had a flourishing practice for 10 years in London as a transpersonal psychotherapist. She now lives with her husband, cats and a host of wildlife in a lovely farmhouse in the back of beyond by the river Wye in the Welsh Marches, where she writes and teaches the ways of the British shamanic tradition. She is the author of The Celtic Chakras.


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