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Cygnus Chat Page: Connecting with the Animal Kingdom

Star Letter: Beneficial Connections

At an agricultural show last August I was drawn to a beautiful heavy horse. I hugged her and kissed her nose and thought how lucky I was to be allowed to have such close contact with her.
I found myself saying, ‘She wants a drink of clean water.’
Her owners were adamant that she never had a drink when she was away from home. I persisted, pointing out that there was some straw floating on the water in her bucket. They humoured me, poured away the water and refilled the bucket with fresh water.
She drained the bucket straight away and, needless to say, it was refilled with more clean water. I was prompted, obviously by my new friend Vicky to say, ‘She only likes clean water.’ Both Vicky’s owners and I were amazed that she clearly had the power to make her wishes known.
I have had many books from Cygnus highlighting unified field theory (including The Field [130404] and Matrix Energetics [190906]). To feel it in action is amazing and it usually occurs with animals.
Being open to the moment so often has positive benefits for all. Vicky got her clean water, I made a new friend and got to give and receive hugs and kisses from her, and her owners could keep her supplied with clean water and stop worrying about her getting dehydrated while out at shows.
Well done Cygnus for making such a huge range of books available and opening my heart to the endless possibilities open to us all.

Patricia x

A Deep Communing

In stillness and silence,
The natural world,
Reveals its patterns
We blend in.
The animal kingdom knows
That a human being
Centered in heart space,
Is healthy and sane
And trust is born
In stillness and silence
Our connection with animals
Is enhanced
A deep communing
A wise knowing
An enriching attunement,
A sharing of the deep heart song
That resonates throughout life
When we take time to listen and respond.

J Jones

Connecting with the Animal Kingdom

I’ve suffered two chronic illnesses and feel very self-conscious now about how I’m seen by the two-legged race. It’s easy to feel isolated by these differences, much like being on the other side of a wall, unable to connect with others who are strong and healthy. Thankfully, animals don’t care if you’re oblong shaped, coloured pink with two heads; they don’t care how you look or feel, and give you love without strings (apart from the food and warmth they need). They are healing, they lift the soul as if they’re somehow closer to the world of spirit. As long as they’re fed and warm they’re happy, they don’t judge you, they offer companionship. They might run and hide if you scream in pain or fall over, but they don’t laugh, or point, or stare: they come back to you.
Animals, especially pets, are not too bothered if you’re very tired or sick; in fact they’re more aware of this and seek to comfort you. They’ll still come to you and you can stroke their fur or feathers, which is very therapeutic and calming. Even fish in a tank are soothing and calming. I suppose that’s why they have a tank in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms, and why dogs are brought into hospitals to make patients feel better and even recover more quickly.
We connect with a more natural, uncomplicated world, on a higher vibration where animals are concerned.

Nicola Wood

Expansion of consciousness

How synchronistic! I have just been in communication with the We Seek to Serve website team* regarding animals and their role in evolution. This has prompted me to share my thoughts. Experiences as a young person, combined with my heart-mind ‘knowing’, has shown me how beautiful loving and respectful relationships with animals can be. However, my life choices over the last years have not allowed for this ideal, and I have chosen not to live in close relationship with any animals, though I miss their companionship.
The expansion of consciousness we are going through will provide the opportunity to dramatically improve our relationship with animals, allowing us to dissolve the old thought-forms that have resulted in human disrespect for the animal kingdom in general, and dreadful harm to many individual animals or species.
Those relationships with those animals we refer to as ‘pets – which range from the superbly loving and beneficial to the neglectful and abusive – provide an arena where much positive change can be wrought, replacing misguided sentimentality or desire for ‘status’ with true appreciation and compassion.
These days there are many internet sites dedicated to the work of those who are able to ‘telepathically’ communicate with animals, thus enabling these to offer their ‘point of view’. If we listen with discernment to what these people relay from the animals, and encourage our children to develop their own powers of animal communication, we will be contributing greatly to the manifestation of the ‘new earth’.

Susana Piohtee

We are all animals in a shared kingdom

Since all creatures breathe the same air and share the same planet, it’s arrogant to assume ourselves more important than other animals. Yet as we encroach on earth’s resources, greater numbers of species become vulnerable, reliant solely on goodwill. Although undeniably red in tooth and claw, nature can impart great wisdom to anyone aware enough to notice. Having sharp senses, animals are observant and in tune with the natural world; ‘alive and present’ they work, rest and play – finding joy in simple things.
Animals bring out the best or worst in us according to our awareness. As pets they’re comforting, healing, companions, their trust, simplicity and innocence being qualities to reflect on, promoting emotional and spiritual growth. My cats expressed affection, loyalty, non-judgment, forgiveness and unconditional love; training me by example to consider the needs of others and to recognize my own innocence, my powers of nurturing and responsibility. I believe these personalities joined me by design and our love was mutual. On passing, both communicated with me – just as people can. When Ninny died in my arms, I was engulfed by her presence, her love and compassion for me; grief at losing my friend could not have been greater had she been human.
Absorbing what animals teach connects us with more of what we’re designed to be, considerate loving creatures, respectful of all life. Animals bring different perspectives, reminders that spirit is not exclusively human, that we’re interdependent – of equal importance – so enabling us to live more intelligently.

Sally Case

Kindred Eagles

I am the horse, for I have
the freedom of the plain
I am the eagle, for I have
the freedom of the sky
I am wolf, for wolf is family
I am the sparrow, for where else
would I get my sensitivity
I am the wise old indian,
for he holds the wisdom I seek
When I leave and the great mother
takes back all that I borrowed
The wise old indian will scan
the skies awaiting my return
And when I do return
He will show me once again
where the sparrow lives.

K Smith


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