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You Are What You Imagine: With Dina Glouberman

This is a free podcast with author Dina Glouberman on her book You Are What You Imagine.

You Are What You Imagine is a compact programme for navigating yourself clear of your most stubborn life challenges, You Are What You Imagine is based on a three step approach to new beginnings and offers a way forward to using your imagination not only to change your own life but to benefit the world around. In this podcast Dina answers many questions we have about the creative imagination and its positive uses in our lives.

*What are our old templates and how do they unconsciously drive us?
*How do we let go and find a new vision?
*How do we let go of old programs?
*What is our surface imagination?
*How do we access and dive into genius imagination?
*What are the three stages of catalyst, turning point, and new beginning?
*Can imagination be used to build certain qualities within the self such as self-esteem?
*Can Imagination be used for healing?
*Can Imagination be used for creating something new/manifesting?
*Can imagination guide us towards accessing a deeper spiritual connection?

Dina Glouberman is an acknowledged specialist in the use of imagery in personal growth, and is the Honorary President of the International Imagework Association. Dina holds a BA Honours in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D in Social Psychology. In 1979 Dina co-founded Skyros Holidays. She is the author of a number of books including her latest, You Are What You Imagine.


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