Step Out of Your Head and Live From the Heart!

Posted by Diana Brook
1 July, 2014

It was 13th May 2010 that marked the day I stopped listening to my fear voice. That day I consciously chose to release myself from the prison I created and took steps to turn my life around. I went from being in an unhappy volatile relationship with little self belief to setting up my own business; something I had always dreamed of but fear kept me from realising my true path. Fast forward to now… what a contrast, I’m loving life being a mum of 2, living fully from my authentic self and living the dream! I pioneered The Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide; a big point in the guide is the interaction between mind, body and soul. As will become clear, the three rely upon each other and therefore it’s important to look after each independently. You’ll see how it all fits together as we work throughout the steps, so let’s begin with your state of mind…

1 – A New Perspective –

It all starts with willingness, commitment and opening yourself up to a new perception. The best chance you have at improving your quality of life is through believing in a better you. The notion of a prosperous you starts with your state of mind. You’ve heard people say that it helps to live positively and there’s plenty of research to prove it. It’s a vital key to the ‘mind’ part of the mind, body and soul combination. Part of my teaching is to understand our own mind’s propensity to ‘think in lack,’ it’s surprisingly simple to switch around, and think in terms of prosperity. By stepping out of your head and away from the fear that lives there, and instead live from your true self – your heart. This way you will be in alignment and can live your true purpose.

2 – Nutrients In, Toxins Out –

The two most important influences upon your physical body are what you eat and what we absorb through our skin. My food philosophy focuses on balance and eating real food as close to its natural state as possible. While my skin philosophy focuses on making the switch from harsh toxic artificial products to natural organic products all to reduce your body’s toxic load. There are simple rules I tend to live by and all those I teach this guide to tell me that their lives are enriched by following the 7 day meal planner and learning how to maximise nutrients in, and getting those toxins out.

3 – Meet Your True Self –

This third step is all about achieving harmony through calming the mind by letting go of the fear voice in our heads. Our mind is beautiful, marvellous, incredible machine that lets us live and build relationships and be driven to follow goals, but it can also be a prison; a prison of doubts and distractions and fears that will hold us if we let them. Look after it, and it will keep you emotionally stable. Let it rule you, and you will lose sight of the present. The act of mindfulness allows us to live in the present moment, savour it, it takes practice but the results are well worth it!

4 – Colour Your Wellbeing –

Our attention turns to the concept of energy in this step. Instinctively, most people can feel that they are made up of energy. Energy is vibration, energy is light. Our entire universe is comprised of and governed by it and just as the atoms in our body were born in the hearts of stars – so are we. It’s completely natural that our lives, our health and our well-being can be dictated by energy, but, as it’s so hard to touch, people often neglect this important part of their own being. Learning how to guide or control energy centres is the key to a happier, healthier life.

5 – You Are Unique –

Your energetic blueprint is unique to you. Understanding the dynamic between the energetic self and the physical self is the key to this step and is a crucial part of the mind, body and soul triumvirate. Getting your energy in balance is vitally important – the relationship of your body’s chemistry and your body’s energy pours back into your whole inner experience. Each workout exercise aims brings you in tune with your energetic self and aims to bring balance within the physical body and this one is no exception.

6 – Yoga with Diana –

Yoga nourishes my mind, my body and my soul. It is the ultimate exercise in my guide and that’s why this step is predominantly just exercise. For me, yoga is a way of life, a discipline and a commitment – a sacred place where I can explore self awareness and self acceptance. Whenever I step off the mat I come away feeling the flow, but most importantly being the flow. It’s time to step onto your yoga mat!

7 – Authentic Self –

Do you remember what I said at the beginning: step out of your head and live from the heart? Well, here’s where it all comes together, by applying what you’ve learned in each step you should already be feeling the benefits of the new energetic pattern you’ve been creating. These workout exercises will become a daily reinforcement toward a lifelong commitment. Throughout this guide I’ve shared practical methods that have really worked for real people, methods that involve meditation, exercises and proper nutrition all to harmonise the body, and mind and let the soul, the true loving you, flourish. That way, you can go out and get whatever you want out of life.

This feature was sponsored by Diana Brook. To discover more visit:,  07748 944159

Diana Brook is a teacher, author and speaker who is passionate about natural health and healing. Creator of The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide her goal is empowering others to live authentically by integrating her complete guide to wellness. To find out more about Diana’s work and buy the Mind, Body & Soul Workout Guide, visit Or contact her on the details above.


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