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 Farewell to a great heart

Ann was a true light in the world, her inner light inspiring all she did, her extraordinary positivity and courage and her fundamental belief in the goodness inherent in the ’Book of Life’, despite the trials we all have to undergo, and which she in no small measure suffered.

The legacy she has left us in her words on the Cygnus calendars and her many inspiring editorials in the Review, remain a treasure for us, but above all the fact of Cygnus itself, which she founded with Geoff, is a gift which can go on growing into the future, if we will it so. It is up to us now to help manifest Ann’s dream of a community of seekers after truth, who share the books and insights which have helped us on our way. No doubt, from where she is now, she can support our efforts with renewed inspiration and strength, aided by the beings with whom she is now united. May we be awake to this new input from the higher worlds and do our best to bring it into manifestation. As Ann well knew, it is sorely needed at this time.
Jehanne Mehta

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