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 Farewell to a great heart

25 August, 2014 Vicky 0

Ann was a true light in the world, her inner light inspiring all she did, her extraordinary positivity and courage and her fundamental belief in the goodness inherent in the ’Book of Life’, despite the […]

Reflections on Leaving this World

25 August, 2014 Vicky 0

It seems appropriate to call down a gift for you that involves a reflection on what happens when we die. No one can be certain, of course, but the general consensus seems to be that […]

Thank you Ann for everything

25 August, 2014 Vicky 0

My connection to Cygnus has grown and developed over a number of years; it was Geoff who introduced me to the company but Ann who guided me through the various roles here. My memories of […]

Love is who we are

25 August, 2014 Vicky 0

Dear Friends, They say writers usually write what they most need to read. Well, that’s certainly true in my case! What I’ve been reading over and over again recently is our newly published 2011 calendar […]

Peace, Unity and Love

13 August, 2014 Vicky 0

Like many others, I’ve been struggling lately – my thoughts and emotions overwhelmed by all the atrocities happening in the world. That’s why it was so helpful to read Ann’s words of comfort and reassurance […]

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