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The Five Tibetan Yoga Workshop: With Susan Westbrook PhD

In this FREE PODCAST interview listen to author Susan Westbrook PhD speak about her book, The Five Tibetan Yoga Workshop.

The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop – In this book experienced coach and teacher Susan Westbrook shares a body-strengthening and heart-changing daily practice based on the legendary “Five Tibetans,” five yoga-like poses heralded as the “ancient secret of the fountain of youth.” With the use of mantra, visualizations and spirit-nourishing stories to encourage deep reflection, this book is the first to employ the Five Tibetans as a means for profound transformational work.

Susan Westwood – After 25 years working in academia, at the age of 50, Susan Westbrook took a leap out of the mainstream to embark on a path of personal and spiritual discovery. She become a high ropes facilitator, transformational coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher. She currently resides in North Carolina. Susan Westwood is the author of The Five Tibetan Yoga Workshop.

In this podcast hear Susan talk about;

*The difference between Hatha Yoga and the 5 Tibetan poses?
*The effect of the poses on our physical health?
*The effect on our energetic health, i.e. the chakras?
*The poses and the five grasping behaviours, namely: confusion, resentment, doubt, fear, miserliness.
*The poses that lead to the antidotes of: awareness, vulnerability, surrender, authenticity, and connection.

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