The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: With Annie Kagan

Posted by Cygnus Team
5 September, 2014

In this FREE Podcast recording listen to author Annie Kagan speak on her book:

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There is Life After Death. 

Annie Kagan, a chiropractor and songwriter living in Manhattan, abandoned her hectic city life in search of serenity in a small, secluded house by the bay. But when her brother Billy died unexpectedly and then began speaking to her from the afterlife, Annie agreed to accompany him on his journey through the mysteries of death. The fascinating, true story of her on-going, after death communication with her brother Billy is recounted in her book.

Listen to Annie speak about the messages of her brother from beyond this world, herein she speaks on:

  • *How we are eternal beings made from stars;
  • *The experience of death and meeting guides and loved ones in the afterlife;
  • *Soul evolution, God and reincarnation;
  • *The difference between earthly love and divine love;
  • *The message of making pearls from sand in the oyster;
  • *Inner strength and developing our full potential;
  • *How problems on earth would be solved be seeing each other as souls.

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