Today, who are you?

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    18 September, 2014

    Are you the person you were yesterday? Would I recognise you or see someone new? I mean you are the same inside, but outwardly, do I see what another friend of yours might see or how your family sees you?

    I want to share a marvellous web series with you today, called the ‘Beauty Inside’, you see this is a tale of our personas, of finding who we are and finding harmony with the world around us through the story of a person who each day wakes up in a different body, each day can try something new without consequences tomorrow yet  is also alone, never able to forge relationships beyond the day.

    With Scotland voting on it’s independence today, I see it as the perfect opportunity to look at our own individual identities. Are you who you want to be? Do you feel empowered in your life to savour it, to be in harmony with your values?

    This is a deeply personal question really and one I find myself getting defensive about. Of course ‘I know who I am’, I mean, to say no to any of the above feels like admitting failure, or to make our very existence uncertain, but as Byron Katie might say ‘Is it true?’ This is what Scotland is doing today and gosh, look at the results, more people than ever are making a vote, consciously taking part to shape their own future, to define who they are and will be. This will be politics empowered. And one thing that seems clear whatever the choice made today, Scotland’s identity is becoming all the stronger for discussing it.

    And perhaps that’s the insight we can take away to apply to our own lives. If your life isn’t working for you the way you want, if you feel disempowered, perhaps it’s time to take charge and question your identity? You might just find you had the strength you thought was missing all along there inside, and what was causing your frustration is within your power to change after all. Perhaps, like Scotland today, it’s time to stop letting your frustrations drift, take charge and ask, is this really me? Whatever the answer, simply exploring the question will set us free.

    Here are a few books I’d recommend reading if you want to delve into this further:

    230812 Tell Me Who I Am
    231116 Stop Drifting, Start Rowing
    170208 Thousand Names for Joy

    210512 You Can Be Amazing
    230804 Unlock Your Confidence
    220625 Change Your Life, Change Your World

    240519 Change Your Story, Change Your Life
    181001 Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live
    240213 Daring Greatly

    200805 Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT
    210605 Teach Us To Sit Still
    240302 May Cause Miracles

    140703 Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting
    240309 Grist For The Mill
    200705 Switch
    D220733 Finding Joe DVD
    190207 Signs From Above
    210211 Manifesting Change

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