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Posted by Eben Alexander
5 November, 2014


Have you been missing the Cygnus Books magazine? I certainly have! I hadn’t realised how much I’d looked forward, every month, to their exclusive Mind, Body, Spirit articles and special book selections. There was always such a diverse range of helpful and inspiring topics covered within those free pages and somehow every issue would be completely in tune with where my thoughts, feelings and spirit were at the time … was it the same for you?! Well, I am very, very pleased to tell you that they’re back at it with some superb new books for us! Hooray!

Thank you!

Thank you for making it possible! The Cygnus family have been very open about the practical and financial difficulties they’ve faced during their time of grieving since their mother, wife and co-founder of the book club, Ann passed on. They’ve been so grateful for your patience while they’ve struggled to get orders out and been forced to keep some of us waiting. With your support, encouragement and generosity, not only are are they now able to send out the backlog of orders but they’re also going to send us all a November issue of the Cygnus Review! I can’t wait and am bursting with gladness that such good folk and dear friends are back up and moving forward with some exceptionally good titles. Here are some highlights from the upcoming November issue …


There’s Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You by Lynda Bellingham

I want to start by telling you about Lynda Bellingham’s book as I’m so pleased to see it in Cygnus’ selection. Having read her last interview, in the Telegraph, and the all the warm tributes following her death, I will feel tremendously honoured to read the words of such a brave, honest woman who filled her final moments with such humour, courage and joie de vivre. I have been told to be ready for plenty of laughs, tears and really helpful words of wisdom. (Read more)

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging by Ron Penvy

This is a valuable guidebook through the journey of conscious aging. Ron Penvy teaches conscious eldering practices and includes inspiring stories from retreat participants who have benefited from these practices, with empowering rituals that you can adapt to meet your own needs. This is an initiation into something ancient, and very sacred, within.
(Read more)


Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape

This spiritual guide is the loving outcome of a calling that took an anxious, young lawyer across the world on an investigation into the power of the heart. In response to Baptist de Pape humbly reaching out, eighteen spiritual leaders – including Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho and Eckhart Tolle – share their personal stories and profound guidance in this illuminating portrait of the heart. This truly is an inexhaustible source of love and wisdom. (Read more)

**Now available to pre-order**


Every Day Matters by Dani DiPirro

If, like me, you prefer a motivational diary planner – one you can use holistically as well as practically – check this out and get prepared for a positive 2015! Dare I say, even better than the Mind, Body, Spirit Book of Days (certainly lots of readers have made the switch), every single feature in it’s pages is there to help enrich daily life with plenty of space for plans and note jotting. (Read more)



Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan

I’ll let James Van Praagh give you an idea of what this powerful book is all about …
“Let Billy Fingers take you on a journey to the world which awaits you when you leave this earthly shell. Through Billy’s sister Annie, he takes YOU on a voyage between the realm of possibilities and gives you a glimpse of how life in the spirit world is lived. The time has come to familiarize yourself with the amazing world of Spirit and Billy is your perfect guide.”  – James Van Praagh, author of Talking to Heaven and Ghosts Among Us. (Read more)


The Map of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander

Dr Eben Alexander was inspired to write Map of Heaven by all those who had resonated with his bestselling book, Proof of Heaven, and got in touch with him. Noticing how often those voices were aligned with ancient world traditions, religions and philosophies, he went on to piece together this part metaphysical detective story, part manual for living. (Read more)

Excerpt from The Map of Heaven

“We are one part earth and one part heaven, and the alchemists knew this.

We need to know it, too.

Qualities, like the “beauty” of gold, and even its very color, are, we have been taught, not real. Emotions, we have been taught, are even less real. They’re just reactive patterns generated by our brains in response to hormonal messages sent by our bodies in response to situations of danger or desire.

Love. Beauty. Goodness. Friendship. In the worldview of materialist science, there is no room for treating these things as realities. When we believe this, just as when we believe it when we are told that meaning isn’t real, we lose our connection to heaven—what writers in the ancient world sometimes called the “golden thread.”

We get weak.

Love, beauty, goodness, and friendship are real. They’re as real as rain. They’re as real as butter, as real as wood, or stone, or plutonium, or the rings of Saturn, or sodium nitrate. On the earthly level of existence, it’s easy to lose sight of that.

But what you lose, you can get back.”
© 2014 by Eben Alexander LLC

I agree with Eben Alexander, ‘what you lose, you can get back’ and I am so glad to get my Cygnus Books magazine back that I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself hugging the postman when he delivers it! I’d love to know why the magazine is special to you, please use the comments field below to share your stories.

One love,


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