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Cygnus Supporters Special Offer Ends Soon!!

For new and current Cygnus Supporters only – big discount on entrance to Mystics and Scientists Conference 2015. Also, a note on Cygnus Community Spirit.

The Scientific and Medical Network and the Cygnus Community have teamed up for the first of what will be many special opportunities for Cygnus Supporters.

Today’s exclusive offer means that 30 Cygnus Supporters will receive a £20 discount for the 2015 Mystics and Scientists conference with inspiring talks, music workshops and meaningful dialogue. These annual conferences have been bringing science and spirituality together for 37 years and are dedicated to forging a creative understanding of reality.

How to claim your special offer as a Cygnus Supporter

If you’re a Cygnus Supporter, please contact the Cygnus team and they will gladly give you a special code to use when booking your ticket.

If you’re not yet a Cygnus Supporter

Don’t worry if you’re not yet a Cygnus Supporter, contact Cygnus to sign up and ask about this event. Along with your new subscription, you’ll be told the special code to use when you book your ticket to the conference.

Even more money off!

Join the Scientific and Medical Network and receive a further £20 discount on the conference. Be sure to join as an SMN member before booking your ticket, in order to receive this extra discount (this offer only applies to the electronic or full membership).

Be quick!

The offer ends on 31st March and the reserved seats are likely to run out quick.

Click here to read more about the 2015 ‘Mystics and Scientists’ conference and the special offer.

Community spirit

This special offer is a sign of things to come for a more collaborative, community-led Cygnus. The new community magazine (coming later this week!) is based largely upon the experience and wisdom of it’s members and already community involvement has resulted in significant new initiatives – like the popular Cygnus Cafe which in no time at all has grown to include 49 regular Cygnus Cafe groups. You can find your nearest Cygnus Cafe, and see what events are happening, by clicking here.

More to come for Cygnus Supporters

You see, when we subscribe as Cygnus Supporters, our financial and spiritual support is literally what gets the magazine printed and is the stuff that holds our community together. The late Leonard Nimoy said “the more we share, the more we have” and surely enough there are a lot more Supporters’ offers coming up, like the one in this email, along with ongoing opportunities for positive inter-action and mutual development.

If you’re not yet a supporter but you share similar social and spiritual aims to Cygnus then maybe you’d like to be a part of our community? Please follow this link to learn more about the benefits of being a supporter and to subscribe.

Finding our tribe

We realised that Cygnus doesn’t have to survive through constant growth (the old, capitalist model); it needs to survive through connecting with the right people – our tribe, our spiritual family. We don’t need to draw everyone into Cygnus, we just need to find the people who really value and love Cygnus and share and support its aims, and do the very best we can to love and serve them in return. Our task is to draw together a tribe of like-minded individuals who support each other because they share the same priorities, and because they see, know and understand each other in ways that other people don’t. So, if you are willing, may we ask you to help us find our tribe? – Our dearly remembered Ann and her husband Geoff, the founders of the Cygnus Community, 2012.

Thanks to your help, our tribe is growing. There are 4,500 of us currently subscribed as Supporting Members and if we keep working together we can reach the target of 15,000 we need to be self-sustainable. Imagine what positive impact we can make as a collaboration spanning that far! Let’s spread the word and find out!

One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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