Cygnus ~ Becoming a Community – Geoff Napier

Posted by Geoff Napier
1 April, 2015

Dear friends,

Welcome to the first issue of the Cygnus Community Review.

So much has happened since our last issue. Many but not all of you know that Ann slipped away from her physical body in July last year. While Sam Napier prepared her tribute issue, we discovered Cygnus had exhausted all lines of credit. The financial facts were undeniable; sending out 40,000 magazines for free was unsustainable. We said goodbye to four of our staff and sent out an appeal to all our members for donations to help us get through the winter. I had no idea whether Cygnus could or should continue. I explored many possibilities.

Eventually, after much consultation (thank you all who so kindly gave your time and advice) we fixed the new subscription for the emerging Cygnus Community at £2.50/month or £25 per year for individuals. It was so painful to break with the joy of giving the magazine out for free. But the new Cygnus Community Review will be a gift we, and the active subscribers, can pass on to those we know who feel isolated as they make their way through the crazy world the media presents us with.

Last night I had a vivid dream and, thanks to Hermes who barked just as the dream finished, I awoke with it fresh in my mind to write down and share with you.

We (you and I) are all in a room with a kindly mentor who asks us to look at a screen. Before us, a beautiful pattern grows from a single seed. It’s a fractal, one of those patterns like the beautiful Mandelbrot Set.

Our mentor speaks over the film music. ‘You see the pattern? It is yourselves, look—there are your bodies,’ and sure enough this pattern of scintillating lights takes up the form of humans, ‘And listen—now you sing. Do you feel the tune playing in your body as an instrument?’

We feel each cavity resonating in turn, our heads, our larynx, our hearts, our guts, our pelvis and our very bones. ‘Watch closely as you begin to dance together.’ We look again, as the view moves out from one form dancing and singing alone to becoming a whole chorus and orchestra all singing, moving, dancing together. From every detail, more creations spin off in perfect harmonies.

‘So my friends, do you wish to play the part of the score already written in your heart that only you can play or do you wish to continue following the will of your ego playing your own tunes, your own nightmares?

‘You can decide.

‘When you can say ‘Not my will be done but Thy will be done’, you are surrendering your will to the voice in your heart and you have taken up your part in the orchestra of creation.

‘Just like in any orchestra, we instruments continue perfecting our playing till it becomes second nature, till it becomes odd not to do so.’

Our mentor finishes by saying, ‘You are instruments in the divine dance of creation. When you play the part written in your hearts you are participating in a divine creation never before seen, only imagined by the composer, the creator before her orchestra was assembled.’

Well, dear friends, I invite you to find the divine will stored neatly in your own hearts.

Let’s play—together! Let’s support each other, as we liberate our deepest secrets. The music won’t be complete without us.
Several of the articles in this issue are written by Cygnus members from their own life experiences. As more of you choose to subscribe, we hope to bring you many others. In the meantime, why don’t you form or join a local group of Cygnus Community members? Read more about these Cygnus Community Cafés here.

I extend my heartfelt thanks again to the generosity of all those members who donated and have enabled Cygnus to stand a chance of re emerging in this new way.

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