EMR – A Beginner’s Guide – Roger H. Moller

Posted by Roger H. Moller
1 April, 2015

Roger H Moller was the manager of a telecoms development laboratory full of computers when his body began to break down—affected directly by the radiation from his mobile phone. Within a few weeks he was unable to tolerate being near virtually all electrical devices. He has re-learnt how to live safely with electromagnetic radiation and is now Principal Investigator at Electric Forester Investigations which offers independent EMR home surveys.

Natural EMR—electromagnetic radiation—sunlight is something that people’s bodies have evolved to deal with, is not the same as the always-on man-made electromagnetic radiation—EMR—we now have in the digital age. At least the sun still sets behind the earth once a day, unlike always-on devices.

Combined with artificial light, our ‘wirelessly illuminated’ world tricks the body’s normal day-night cycles and our cells struggle. Put simply, our bodies can lose track of whether to be in active ‘day-mode’ or repair ‘night-time/sleep-mode’ leading to any number of problems.

Electricity and its associated capabilities are everywhere and add immeasurably to the quality of virtually everyone’s life. Amazingly rapid developments in the use of wireless mean everyone has to learn new ways of interacting safely with these wonderful technologies. However, there was no consumer safety testing of mobile and wireless devices before the genie was let out of the bottle so we have all irrevocably become the unwitting participants in the biggest non-elective uncontrolled experiment ever conducted on the human race. The majority of most people’s EMR exposure comes from items within their homes and from the portable devices they habitually carry with them.

Symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity may include skin rash, sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain (fibromyalgia), depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, weakness, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, leg and foot pain, ‘flu-like’ symptoms and fever. EMR has also been linked to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and childhood leukaemia, miscarriages, MS, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as to many of the sleep disorders plaguing our modern society.

The good news is that cleaning up your family’s electro-smog contaminated environment can often be easy, cost-free and within your power, provided you know what you are up against. For that, you typically need an EMR survey or some sort of device to reveal what is around you. Electro-smog comes in three basic radiation varieties: Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic or RF (Radio Frequency/microwave radiation). However, you can also help by taking simple precautions and by ensuring that you and your family keep safe distances from equipment which may be causing you harm.

It’s a good idea to notice how you feel when you are using your mobile or cordless phone or spending a long time at a computer. Compare how you feel outside in the countryside as opposed to in your office or at home. Many people have heard of ‘sick building syndrome’ and EMFs will be a big part of that.

House wiring typically gives out electric fields. Cookers, washing machines, immersion heaters and other high-powered mains devices give out mostly magnetic fields and cordless phones, mobiles and wireless devices rely on pulsed microwaves (RF) for their operation. The table below suggests the distances we should keep from these sources based on measurements of similar devices.


Simple tips for reducing EMRs

★    Hold your mobile phone away from your ear when using it and don’t keep it in your pocket.
★    When cell reception is low, turn off your mobile phone service because cell phones reportedly increase output when reception is low. This may explain the paradox of brain tumors for rural cell phone users.
★    Keep a distance from Wi-Fi routers and access points which have significant radiation at one metre of distance and transmit non-stop, even when you are not on a computer.
★    Use corded phones instead of wireless ones.
★    Remove dimmer switches and fluorescent lights.
★    Turn off all electricity at the plug in your bedroom at night.
★    Switch off the Wi-Fi on your computer when you’re not using it.
★    Choose LCD over Plasma TVs.

© Roger H. Moller www.electricforester.co.uk

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